Ross Poldark, Ultimate Hero

I first “met” Ross, Demelza and their assorted friends and relatives about ten years ago, when I discovered the DVDs of the 1975 BBC television series Poldark at my library. I learned that Poldark is a series of twelve books originally published in 1945 about the people of Cornwall in the time after the American Revolution through the Napoleonic Wars. Being a huge historical fiction fan I was very interested, but twelve books was intimidating, so it went on the back burner....more

My Own Personal Soap Opera

Libby Malin's My Own Personal Soap Opera...more

The Imposter's Daughter

I recently won a book from Supahmommy that I signed up for only because the cover intrigued me. I admit it, I only skimmed to see what it was about....more

Forever Yours by Patricia Hebert

I just finished a wonderful book by Massachusetts author, Patricia Hebert. The title is Forever Yours which gave me the impression it is a romance; which is sort of is. The romance in the book is a story within the story of twelve year old Sarah, who has just moved all the way across the country from the only home she has ever known....more

A Male Voice in Chick-Lit

Ms. Taken Identity by Dan Begley ...more

Just a Little Bit Elegant

My First Tea Cup ...more

Hemp is Back!

Back in the 70s I learned to macrame with my mom and the Girl Scouts, and I took it up again when I was hospitalized for a month a few years ago. My sister brought me some of those Klutz books and the old skills came right back! With the anniversary of Woodstock, and more people going green and natural, I've noticed that hemp jewelry is being worn more. In the college town where I live, I see it on many of the students. ...more

Yes, Elisa, $5.00 does cover the shipping, at least in the US. There's no way to figure in ...more