This: A love letter

This Is not another love story It is a letter of love From me to myselfThis Does not make me selfish It does have the potential To be a love affair I don't mind having For I have always been, Always will be,The only one for meThis Is long overdue No one can, no one will Love me Unless it is meLove you more....more

Androgel, Online Pharmacies, and Divorce

No matter how many warnings he was given, my ex-husband insisted on taking Androgel.  In doing so, he ended up finding himself faced with his biggest fear: being alone. There are a good number of years in age between he and I, and we each saw advantages to that for vastly different reasons.  While his reason was the assumption that he could recapture his (sexual) youth, mine was the assumption that he wanted someone who would not demand a "young man level" performance of sexual acitivity.  We were both wrong. ...more