Fabulous Fridays

My  local quilt shop has been hosting retreat days called "Fabulous Fridays"- where the shop is open for 12 hours.  For a modest fee, you reserve a space and get dinner.In case you haven't guessed yet, there was one yesterday.  (And I attended).  I was determined to come home with at least one finished product.Success!I finished my Wee Wander firefly quilt top.I nearly finished by "Jewels in the Curio" top.  I left one of the 4 middle border pieces at home, so I hit a stopping point....more
There are no images in this particular post. I'm not sure what you mean by it appearing with a ...more

Current Projects

Entry #2!I've done it: Made it to two blog posts!Today's topic is my current projects, because I like to brag a little, and I've made good progress in the last 2 weeks on some of my projects....more

The Beginning

I'm giving this blogging thing a try, after reading dozens of quilting blogs in the last few weeks.  I think it will give me a chance to keep a record of what I'm working on, and may help me grow as a quilter....more