Tonight, I am angry.Legitimately, thoroughly, heart-breakingly angry....more

Why own a gun?

There has been a lot of discussion in the past 24 hours. About gun control, about mental health care, about security measures, about whether we should be discussing any of this so soon after a horrific incident. I have been yelled at by friends and chastised by complete strangers. My Facebook feed has been filled with a steady stream of thoughts and links to articles. I can only imagine others have had similar experiences....more

Did we really come from the same parents?

I can't talk to my sister. I know this. I have learned this over the years. She used to call me on the phone every day and then complain that I never called her. But talking to her all the time made me crazy. It made me ranty, angry, tear-my-hair-out crazy. I couldn't get a word in edgewise but then she would accuse me of never telling her anything about myself. I would call her on that and then she would let me have the telephone floor, but I could hear the wheels in her head turning about what her next topic would be, so what was the point....more

If it's happening in Kansas, it must be nuts, right?

Admit it, you kind of think that, don't you? All anyone in the nation ever hears about Kansas is we're the backwards state who did away with evolution in the state science standards. (No one ever mentions how the population rose up against those loons on the state school board and voted every single one of them out the very next chance we got, replacing them with normal people who restored the standards.) We're the home of that wacky, awful Westboro Baptist Church. (It's a "church" of about 50 people all from one family and the rest of Kansas pretty much hates them....more

Dating is hard

I've been back into this dating thing for a while, now, I guess, but really only half-heartedly. I just haven't found any guy who has gotten my full attention. But I seem to get the full attention  of lots of guys. And because I am often accused of being too picky, of not seeing opportunity, of closing off avenues before I've even tried them out, I go out with these guys. I exchange pleasantries and phone numbers. And then they text. And I respond because I'm polite. And because I don't want my friends to accuse me of being too picky....more


Pain -- has an Element of Blank --It cannot recollectWhen it begun -- of if there wer eA time when it was not--  Emily Dickinson ...more

Six months in a leaky boat

Six months ago today, the one person I trusted completely and thought would never hurt me ripped my world apart, with no warning and nothing approaching a satisfying explanation.  (Fair point: no explanation could be satisfying.) It seems like a good day to take stock of how I'm really doing....more

With or without you

He texted me today.  August 18 is a meaningful date to Royals fans, for a fairly silly reason, and so he wished me a happy Aug....more

A lone(ly) reed

I have always been a bit of a loner.  That will happen when your favorite activities are things like reading, writing, and going for long walks or bike rides by yourself.  I've never been one to have a wide, diverse circle of friends.  Instead, I've always had a few close friends and lots of friendly acquaintances.  Even at the height of my popularity, in law school, I knew everyone and while in the building was a social butterfly.  But evenings and weekends, I was with my two closest friends or by myself...more

I give up

My half-hearted foray into online dating hasn't exactly achieved its goal.  It was supposed to help me at least be open to the possibility that there could be some other man out there for me.  It was supposed to make me feel not entirely unattractive to the opposite sex.  To help ease me back into conversing with men as a single women, maybe even flirting.  But I look at every profile with total disinterest.  And judging from the lack of reaction my profile gets, the disinterest is totally mututal.  So I have pretty well concluded the whole thing was a waste of...more

This was all written with more wry humor than actual depression. It's really tough to get back ...more