Sander Family Fun Day (and pregnancy annoucement!): Main Event

Most of my mom's family lives nearby but we're all so busy that we hardly get to see each other. My mom and her sisters decided to host once-a-month Sander Family Fun Days the 4th Saturday of the month. If you're in town and can make it, great ....more

Our Little Gymnast

We started the school year with Evie taking "dance" which was really more a music and movement type class. ...more

Cloth Diapering on (a beach) Vacation

As we planned...more

Our First Family Beach Trip!

Having grown up less than an hour from Florida Gulf Beaches, beach is just what you do. Having lived in Atlanta now half of my life I definitely miss the ocean....a lot! ...more

Smoked-Gouda, Bacon Grits: Better Than A Bun for BBQ

Ingredients: 1lb bacon, chopped into bits...more

Evie: Three and a Half!

Measurements: Weight:...more

A First Communion Session: Meet Gabby + What I Learned

Gabby's mom is a friend from church. She knew I dabbled in photography as a hobby. Susie reached out to me to see if I'd be interested in taking some photos of her daughter ....more

Maggie's Maggi and Milo Birthday Party

When I was pregnant with Evie, my sister and Rosemary threw us a couple's baby shower with a Hungry Caterpillar theme....more

Spring Break Bucket List - Mission: Complete

It's been two weeks since Spring Break. I think it took us that long to recover from the amount of fun we had in just 10 short days. ...more

Earth Day is a Great Day to try cloth diapers!

In honor of Earth Day, The Natural Baby is offering some pretty sweet deals. ...more