Lettuce Wrap Salad and Crispy Wontons

Salad: ¾ lb boneless skinless chicken breasts 1 English cucumber, thinly sliced (regular cucumber is fine) 2 carrots, peeled and grated (finely chopped works too!) 1 can sliced water chestnuts, chopped (optional) 12 cups chopped romaine lettuce...more

Sam and Katie's Gender Reveal Party -- It's A......?

Katie and Sam were back and forth about finding out the sex of the baby ahead of time or letting it be a surprise at birth. ...more

Evie and Maggie's First Slumber Party

A few weeks ago I took the girls to the cabin by myself...more

Corsetti Kids Cabin Weekend 2015

For the fourth year in a row, we and my siblings packed up with kids for our annual cabin weekend. It's just the 4 of us kids and our families and my grandparents....more

First Cabin Weekend of the Summer

Back in June Eric had a wedding in Vermont and decided to extend the trip and spend some time in Boston visiting friends. I hate staying home alone for several days in a row so I took the girls up to the cabin to visit with my grandparents....more

Welcome to the Church, Ellie!

We are so excited to welcome Ellie to the Church, to receive the indelible mark on her soul claiming her for Christ. ...more

Evie: Preschool 2014-2015 Wrap Up

To say that we love Evie's preschool is an understatement. From the moment we went on the tour our whole family has felt loved. And a genuine love, not a let-me-sell-you-our-school type of love ....more

Maggie: Fifteen Months

Measurements: Weight:...more

Sander Family Fun Day (and pregnancy annoucement!): Main Event

Most of my mom's family lives nearby but we're all so busy that we hardly get to see each other. My mom and her sisters decided to host once-a-month Sander Family Fun Days the 4th Saturday of the month. If you're in town and can make it, great ....more

Our Little Gymnast

We started the school year with Evie taking "dance" which was really more a music and movement type class. ...more