The Best Veggie Burger Recipe

It’s been awhile since I posted a recipe, especially, on a Meatless Monday. But when I made this veggie burger, I made a face like that character “Doc” from Back to the Future, when he says, “Great Scott!!” Seriously. So I had to share it with you ....more

No-Tech Speakers for Your Smartphone

Here is something for fun ....more

First US-China Greener Consumption Forum Recap

I had the privilege of representing Green Sisterhood as a media partner for the first ever forum between China and U.S., on March 22nd in Washington DC. The forum was called US China Greener Consumption Forum, to share our ideas on how to reduce consumption for a greener planet ....more

Make Your Own Homemade Washing Soda

I use Washing Soda in my laundry detergent recipes, with and without Borax ....more

Alternatives for RSS when Google Reader Retires

This short announcement has nothing to do with being green but it has everything to do with the way you read blogs, like this, to be green. And it may or may not apply to you because 1. you receive ecokaren posts via email (YAY!) or 2. you don’t use Google Reader ....more

US-China Greener Consumption Forum: Power of the Purse and Climate Change

The impact of consumption on climate change and the environment is obvious wherever you look. Elizabeth Cline’s book “Overdressed” clearly made the readers understand the cause and effect of consumption. Consumer demand is high, leading to the most rapid use of natural resources, energy, and water in producing goods to meet the high demand ....more

Green Sisterhood: Environmentally Conscious Community for YOU!

Blogsphere is filled with green “this” and eco “that”, isn’t it? Heck, even my site is called, “ecokaren”.  So, I’m the  first one to admit there seem to be somewhat an egotistical nature of pro-environmental messages we are all trying to send out on the web ....more

How to Upcycle a Quilted (Vera Bradley) Tote

When I went to Eileen Fisher’s store last week to teach green crafting at Cline’s book signing, I had a few things to carry. And while I had other (new’ish) totes to use, I was inspired to upcycle (finally!) an old vintage Vera Bradley tote for this purpose ....more

Toxic World of Cheap and Fast Fashion

Fast fashion or cheap fashion is a term that I never thought I’d hear. Fast food, yes, but fast fashion? Who would have thought that we’d live in a society that makes disposable clothes that we toss in the garbage because the next best trend just appeared in the windows of a H&M or Forever 21 store? It’s true. But it wasn’t always this way ....more

Elizabeth Cline Book Signing & Green Crafting Workshop at Eileen Fisher in NYC

Popping in really quick to tell you that I’m heading down to NYC to teach a green crafting workshop at a book signing event in Eileen Fisher’s SoHo shop tonight. It’s the 11th hour of prepping folks. But I’m ready. I even upcycled one of my ‘vintage’ Vera Bradley tote bags to carry the supplies. I’ll post the tutorial on how I made this bag next week ....more