How to Explain Earth Day to Kindergarteners

I was asked to do something for my sons' Montessori class for Earth Day.  After a bit of thought, the following is what I did: ...more

Simple Thanksgiving Dinner

My five year old's Montessori class held its annual Thanksgiving celebration feast this morning. I signed up to bring the turkey, stuffing, gravy and vegetables. Did I start cooking yesterday? No. I started cooking at 6:15am and delivered everything to the school by 10am. No sweat. Preparing Thanksgiving dinner does not need to be stressful.  I've outlined, below, a simple menu that can be thrown together very easily in a matter of a few hours. The Perfect Turkey ...more

Recycling 201: Yard Sales


25 Great Green Ideas

There are so many great things I'd love to do to make my home greener.  For a variety of reasons, I haven't done them all yet, but they remain on my list and I hope to get to them eventually. Here are 25 Green Ideas you might also consider: Composting - this is the next thing I'll do.  A composter tumbler is a must for easy composting. ...more

"We Will Miss You Juan" - How Do You Talk To A Child About Death?

by EcoMeg ...more

It's Too Quiet Now

EcoMeg was very quiet these past two weeks while my family visited. First my Dad, then my brother and sister-in-law. We enjoyed ourselves immensely. Not because we did anything special, just because we were together. We lingered at the dining table, chatted while I cooked, ran errands together... Just shared the same space. It seems too quiet in the house now, despite the kids' constant chatter. ...more

Apple Pie Kefir Ice Cream

This past Thursday was my older child's first day of school. To celebrate, we went out for ice cream. As we walked from the car, we discussed what flavor he might like to have. His response was "pear!" I wasn't confident they would have such a gourmet flavor, so I mentioned that we could make our own pear ice cream sometime (though I'd never done it before!). ...more

"Friendly" Kefir Smoothie - Delicious!

Many parents give their babies and children yogurt because it's a good source of calcium. But it's also a good source of beneficial intestinal bacteria, or "probiotics," which can help keep them well. ...more

10 Ways We've Gone Green This Year

This has been a year of change for us and we've really just begun. I've got a lot of other projects under way to make our lives greener and more efficient, and I'll blog about those as we tackle them. Here are ten ways we've become more environmentally conscious so far: 1. As our light bulbs burn out, we've started replacing them with more energy efficient ones. They last longer and use less energy. ...more

Do You Live Without A/C?

The New York Times (Home section) had an interesting article today titled "The Unchilled Life." It got me thinking. ...more