Pops and Some Breeze and a Giveaway!

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Cookbook Giveaway!


Looking For a (last minute) Easter Activity for Your Young Kiddos?

Last year, I remember the difficulty in trying to explain Easter to a group of preschoolers and this year with my son, I've struggled with how to bring it to his level.  The concept of Jesus dying (let alone any death) as well as the Acsension can be some BIG bites of theology for a little mind....more

On Curiosity

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Lotta People

Jump On

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Friday Feature: What do you do with a Moleskine? A Giveaway!

You may notice a stack of the little wonders as you wait in line to check out at your favorite bookstore.At the airport.At a mall kiosk.In the feverish hands of a journalist at the scene.FOR THE WRITER...more
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A Polaroid Point of View

~Dedicated to my friends, H, S, & K~"Don't shake it!'  You've been told.  "Just wait."The image must develop.  The colors come together.  The lines sharpen.There is something beautiful about that moment when a huddle of onlookers gasp and ooh and aah when the Polaroid comes into its fully developed form.The waiting, although only a few minutes, can be painstaking when you're waiting to see the captured jaw-dropping expression on your shocked grandmother's face when she walked in to the room for a surprise party.[insert mental image HERE]Waiting....more