Where Do You BlackBerry?

On the toilet? Oh, come on, you know you do it. I was having this conversation with a lawyer friend of mine about his thoughts on this issue.  How when he's in a public Men's room, he can hear people click, click, clicking away on their handheld.  How he himself reads his BlackBerry on the toilet. I mean, how different is it really from reading anything else? The paper. Doing a crossword puzzle. A book. Circular. Magazine. Catalog. ...more

Perspectives on Partnership

I fell in love with my partner before I was technically available. I just read Docce's post about partnership, and falling in love with her husband before he was technically available.  She is looking back on 6 years of marriage. I am looking forward into year 2 of my relationship with the woman I will one day marry. ...more

I really am enjoying your storyline, btw...


Elisa ...more