BlogHer Conference From an Aussie's Point of View

I kept writing, through the worst period of my life. And I was loved through it all. You bloody Yanks sure do know how to support a gal. One late night in October 2008, I impulsively bought a ticket to attend the following year’s BlogHer. I was gonna be a part of it, somehow. ...more
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Hello! (Hello ... hello ...)  When I talked into the abyss ..... the abyss talked back to me. I discovered blogging in 2007 whan I was doing IVF. So I started an IVF blog. Then I got pregnant so I had a pregnancy blog; for over nine months. Then my husband got cancer right when the baby was born so I had an "OH MY GOD I AM SOOOOOOOOO FUCKED UP" blog. Some wonderful, wise, amazing women held me up when I couldn't see my way. A lot of them reside in the Americaz. I hope to meet some when I triumphantly come to New York for BlogHer 10, ...more

Nice to meet you and I hope I get to meet you in person, in NYC for BlogHer 10.

~Denise ...more