Helping a Student Cope with Rejection

When the phone finally rang, it wasn’t the news we’d been expecting. My 10-year-old daughter Ryan was crushed upon learning she’d been cut from our town’s travel basketball team. Later, when her best friend Sarah called to tell her she’d been selected for the team (along with several of Ryan’s other close pals) my normally thick-skinned 5th grader really fell apart then.  ...more

O'Bama vs. McCain on Education

Except for being a cell phone texting pro (I can even add punctuation!), I’m not much of a 21st century gal. Let’s just say I only recently figured out how to email photos downloaded from my digital camera. But on Tuesday night I felt very cutting edge when I sat down at my home office computer and “participated” in a pre-election education debate. ...more

Tips for Making the Most of Your Parent/Teacher Conference

November is parent/teacher conference time of year. As the veteran mom of four children (ages 6, 8, 10 and 12), I’ve found that if you go to school with the right attitude and  ask the right questions, time alone with the teacher can be a valuable source of information about your child. But not everyone shares my view. ...more

Thank you for this post.  I took notes on your suggestions and expect them to really help me ...more

Homework Overload

  Excessive amounts of homework given on weekends, over school breaks and during the summer was a topic brought up by several angry parents at a recent Board of Education meeting in my hometown. ...more

The End of Cupcakes

Attention parents of young children...the end of a beloved childhood tradition is near. Thanks to our nation’s schools—and their efforts to combat childhood obesity--there is a new entry on the endangered species list—the cupcake. ...more

This is the second post I've seen in a week where someone has been "scared" by the ...more

Full-day Kindergarten vs. Half-day K

Like many other children in his suburban Pennsylvania neighborhood, my nephew boards a school bus each morning around 8:30 and doesn’t arrive home again until 4 p.m. Not so unusual for the average student but Tommy is only 5. To me, it seems like a really long day for such a little guy. ...more

Class Moms Rule. The Good, The Bad and the Ugly of Classroom Volunteering

I have to admit my reasons for being a class mom are purely selfish. But it wasn’t always this way. When the PTA president phoned and asked if I’d volunteer to be a class mother for the third grade, I was hesitant at first. I mean I’m not the least bit crafty and my version of baking doesn’t even require an oven (“homemade” Rice Krispie Treats fresh from my microwave...who knew?). She was so persistent that I eventually agreed. ...more

No Such Thing as a Bad Teacher

My sister Traci, a veteran first grade teacher recently turned reading specialist, argues that the most important teachers in a student’s life are his elementary school teachers. Afterall, they teach the all-important fundamentals (good ‘ole reading, writing and arithmetic) which are the foundation upon which successful future learning is built. ...more

Somehow i find that as long as you have a thorough knowledge of your subject and a genuine ...more