Big Changes, Big Girl

It's so weird the way things work out sometimes. I'm especially fascinated by how my online life relates to my real world one. I have found on more than one occasion I jinx myself when writing about things that are going well ....more

Wanted: My Sanity. If Found, Please Return To Owner.

Where the heck have I been? Well for starters, dealing with lots of sickness. I thought we earned our immunity badges when SB first began preschool, but Kindergarten is in a whole 'nother league ....more

Wordless Wednesday: Flashback


(Mostly) Wordless Wednesday: DIY Halloween Costume

Can you guess what SB is going to be this Halloween? ...more

Ross' Rad Reads - Are You Kidding Me?

Writing humor is hard. There are those who can do it well, and those who, well they try. Stacey Gustafson is firmly in the former category ....more

Here and there...

As I shared recently, I have a new writing gig at! If you haven't had a chance yet, please stop by and check out my posts there: V Is For Vagina I'm Not Ready For Code Red Don't Tell Me I Ruined My Child Kid's Confession: I Peek On Boys in the Bathroom I also have a new post up at Purple Clover about the profound experience of being by my father's side as he died. SB and I are working on a fun project together at the moment ....more

Ross Girls To The Rescue!

You may recall the story of the crows that killed an owl in our yard earlier this year. I have in fact been writing about owls quite a bit of late. In case you need to get caught up: A close encounter Creature adventures in the back yard We have delighted in their presence over the past several months ....more

Tricks Of The Trade - The Benefits Of Shooting In RAW Format Demonstrated

Back in March, I entered a photo contest for the first time. Well, it wasn't exactly a contest. It was an assignment on the National Geographic Your Shot community website ....more

Wherefore art thou blogger?

Yes, I know. I have been spending much time in this space of late. Where have I been? ...more