Marina Bay Sands - Wonder of the World in Singapore

Resort and hotel complex « Marina Bay Sands » Singapore ( city-state located on islands in the South-East Asia ). Three 55-storey building of this new wonder of the world is crowned by three-deck ship, which is called the "Sky Park", with an area of ​​12,400 sq.m....more

Spiral skyscrapers worldwide, amazing architectures

Gaining popularity among architects, spiral shape of buildings already embodied or is being implemented in many parts of the world, Spiral skyscrapers worldwide, amazing architectures....more

Amazing Chines toilet restaurant of the weirdest restaurants in China

Sit down here you will be offered on the toilet, napkins served in rolls of toilet paper, and from there you will have a bidet. Correspondents say Reuters, who visited there yesterday, "every part of the institution said that you are in the toilet, but not in the restaurant." Despite this perverse model of the restaurant business, a toilet restaurant, open earlier on the island of Taiwan, has is very popular with tourists and residents of Taipei city....more