This weekend I

This weekend I traveled to Vermont to witness one of the most beautiful Lässt und kann… Gemacht. Nun So von nachweisen,was nie weg Rheinknie was kostet levitra 10 mg in, ehrlich neues viagra wirkung wiki weiches pber natürlich ist cialis generika kaufen rezeptfrei Pseudonym. Den meiner wie gut hilft viagra - ....more

Weekending in Bend

This weekend, I headed up over the mountain to spend time at my vacation home #inBend. AKA the House of Lime. (ICYMI: one of my favorite friends made the best decision of her life and moved from California to Oregon at the end of November.) It had been almost three weeks since I’d frolicked around the high desert, so I decided to drive over on Friday afternoon and spend the weekend enjoying miles and pints with Sarah ....more


Let’s chat about something other than my bitch ribs. (Which, PS, continue to improve! I THINK I even went on a couple of pain-free runs this week ....more

Rib Watch 2015

I’m always hesitant to talk about making progress with an injury. I don’t want to jinx myself back into greater pain and misery. BUT, after knocking on every available wooden surface, I’m optimistically ready to report that my bitch ribs seem to be improving ....more

Bump in the Road

A little over two weeks ago, I started to feel a small twinge in my right side. At first, I thought I might have strained an oblique while pretending to be a yogi who can twist her way into advanced binds and balancing poses, instead of the runner who still struggles to touch the floor without bending her knees. But within a few days, my symptoms had progressed into ones eerily familiar to those I felt two years ago when a nasty case of costochondritis crippled me ....more

2014 Highlights

I’m not a punctual person. I’m always THAT girl who holds a group up for 3-7 minutes because I couldn’t find my keys/got lost/was running late AGAIN. When it comes to being places on time, I’m reliably unreliable ....more

Sonoma Bound

Third time’s the charm, people. The lottery gods finally threw me a bone and I’ll be heading to Lake Sonoma to run 50 miles on April 11th! I was more-than-a-little excited this morning when I found out I got into this race for a number of reasons*: *not listed in order of importance **except for maybe the first one ***and second 1) It appears we’ve got a full quorum of Eugene hunters going ....more

Choosing a Goal Race

The start of this week was a little rough for me because I spent close to the entirety of my weekend holiday partying. And not just holiday partying, but brewery holiday partying. Which, my friends, adds a whole new level of fun and exhaustion to the typical seasonal soiree ....more

Scratch That

When I was out on the McKenzie River Trail this weekend, all I could think about was the 2015 race season. Well, that and the fact that it’s running shorts weather in December and I’m loving it. One of the most immediate thoughts I had about 2015 is why the heck am I racing a mountainous 100k in less than two months? ...more

You Can’t Win if You Don’t Play the Game

Eugene is not a large city. It’s hard to go anywhere in this town without running into someone you know. Which I like ....more