One Way Conversation

So funny, this whole blog thing.  I find that I'm usually a pretty outgoing person.  I have a huge group of friends and a great group of moms that I hang out with on a regular basis.  But since I started blogging, I'm finding that every day I'm just "putting it all out there" and "out there" isn't always talking back.  When I go to school to drop off my children, I'll run into someone who will say, "I read your blog!  I love it and I feel the same way!"  But the day before I was left wondering if anyone had anything to say about it. A recent blogger fri...more

Jenni, just wanted to say that this year you are on my list of things I am grateful for. Your ...more

One Hundred Days Without Starbucks

Wondering if anyone feels the same way...I'm trying to figure out why I do the things I do.  I'm currently on Day 36 of 100 Days Without Starbucks.  Finding that after I cut it out, some serious things are rising to the surface...and it's not just foam.    -Eilyne, Author:  One Hundred Days Without Starbucks    ...more