A Beloved Pet Lost & Found: Whew!

I don’t sleep well.This has been true for a long time. Part of it is a pattern from nights interupted by the waking up with babies and small children over the past 25 years of raising my large family of 8 kids. Even though the youngest is now 6 years old, several of the kids are chronically ill, and one is dying. This means also lots of medical bills.Reasons to lose sleep, as you can imagine....more

Not All Children Grow Up: Mothering a Child with Severe Illness

Since 1997, I have been faced with raising chronically ill children. More than once I’ve been in the situation where I’ve had a child in Pediatric Intensive Care, and been told that the child in question would likely not make it home again. But due to the great medical care given, and the fighting spirit of my kids, the grim prognosis has never come to be. I have had the loss of a twin pregnancy, and another single pregnancy....more

Wreck of the Sailboat My Son Did Herald

My second son is a bit of an adventurer. He is not at all content with the “American Dream” and in fact finds it a bit contemptuous. Some of this, I believe, he was born with. His older brother remembers riding in the Suburban along with Stephen while I would quiz the brood on various topics (everything from spelling to the Saint of the Day—this was back when I was still Catholic, thus the 8 kids), and I would ask what they each saw themselves doing as adults. Stephen would inevitably say that he was NOT going to live around HERE and he was sure NOT going to have any kids. ...more