Eliminate Drama from you life freeing you to be your best!

Living a life free to be your best, to be who you are destined to be is knowing that life is about your true self. Not your physical shell that is controlled by the ego, the authentic you, your being that lives within you. Your ego, that little voice, that is always chattering and telling you what to do, irrationally creating little battles within your brain daily, is not who you are....more

Finally after so long I can say with pride I am a writer!

Books and reading have been with me since I was a little girl. My mother, an avid ready, shared with me her love of the written word. A passion that I has been with me all my life. Reading good book I lose track of time, devouring chapter after chapter possessed by the reading demon. So focused on finishing I shut out the chaotic world living between pages until I realize that I am almost finished then sadness set in. Completing a book is like the last day of vacation, I don't want to leave, I'm having too much fun....more

Living my authentic life

All my adult years I've been a self help junkie, traveling the road to find ways to be better, to be my best! I enjoy the feel, the smell of newness, hard to adequately explain the draw of something new, different, a change. Newness for me smells fresh like a breeze right after light rain fall, feels smooth like a water worn beach pebble and taste crisp like a the bite of a cool apple. Newness is so transient like a puff of smoke gone before you can touch or grab to hold....more

Be Original, imitation is greatly overrated!

Living your best life, being your best, starts with being you! How can you possibly be anything or anyone else! Think about it you can't live someone else life, be what and who you think they are. You are doing yourself a grave injustice, selling you short by wanting to step into another life, be you are actually saying that you are not good enough. You are losing your power to be your best when you don't realize that you are good enough. Let others be who they are their best, just be yourself. How can you obtain your goals if you are always chasing others ideals, intentions....more
A.K. Dyer Have a nice day!more

Daybreak, a new start.

Quietly waiting for the start of a new day, for the sun to rise brightly signaling renewal, a new beginning, a new start. I feel excitement, anticipation, the promise of unlimited possibles, electrifying signals alive like little sparks traveling through my veins  pulsing announcing time to start again, another beginning. A new dawn whispering to me, a change, a chance to begin again....more

Be free of reactive behavior!

I have found the simplest way to not react is to be present, mindful of now, to understand that we can only influence the present moment. The past is over, the future has not come, all we have is now. Have you ever changed the past, or reached into the future, no. Your impact, your power is focusing on the present. Being aware, being present, not a visitor in the present reliving the past, or always gazing to the future. You can only be your best, impact your life by being present. Very simple but so hard to follow especially in the fast passed life style we live today. ...more

I have my own personal Angel, yes I believe in Angels!

Right at the start I am going to put it out there I believe in Angels. Furthermore I have my own Angel with me, by my side, my grandmother. Do I have proven scientific fact, no. I know because I can feel her with me each and everyday. Her presence I strongly feel especially when quite takes hold of my day or I am so present in the moment, then I am most keenly aware of my grandmother being with me. I can feel here spirit flowing through me, pulsing in my veins for we are one. She lives with me guiding me, keeping me safe, holding me up when I need support....more

My first step in 2016 is to be good to me!

Traveling the road to being my best I have learned some hard fast truths along my journey. One of the hardest to learn was that I had to be good to me first in order be able to be give my best to others. At first I felt guilt about being 'selfish' doing something for me. Eventually I learned that I have to satisfy my needs first, for when I do I feel and am a better person, when I am content. I am more giving, happy to be around, just a nice person. I give of myself freely with my heart without resentment. ...more

On the road of 2016 set the intention to embrace change!

With the start of 2016 resist the urge to make New Year 'Resolutions' instead  choose to set intentions for 2016. Why intentions not resolutions  I find resolutions to be limiting and negative. A resolution is either, or, succeed or fail, not fluid and inviting like an intention. An intention is a mental state that represents a commitment to carrying out an action or actions in the future. By setting intentions you can create your best life. ...more