Make 2015 your year to embrace all life's endless possibilities with joy and gratitude!

Life is full of endless possibilities for everyone. Sometimes we think that life is selective in choosing just "special people" to receive all that they desire with the rest of us not part of that group. We feel that we are not deserving of achieving all that we desire, we are lacking while others are more deserving. First do not focus on anyone but you! By setting your attention on others you are giving away the unbelievable power of your focus....more

Letting go of fear and Ego to embrace not thinking, just doing!

To live your best, be your best, you have to not think and just do what you want! Yes just not think which seems counter intuitive. Thinking gets in the way since thinking awakens Ego to send all those reasons to your brains as to why you can't succeed or do what you desire. Some people have more problems with Ego than others. I for one have always had an Ego that tried to stop me whenever I wanted to do be me, letting me know in no uncertain terms that I would fail....more

Your Ego the best thing that you can lose and never find!

Ego we think that we need you but what problems you cause us throughout our lives. Ego loves drama, it loves to be the best, to make sure that everyone knows how important Ego is, to tell everyone what they should and shouldn't do. Ego must be heard, must control! Just think of all the times that you've been upset with someone or a situation, where was Ego, right there beside you egging you on to feel bad, mad, sad, angry, resentful, you name it Ego wants you to feel the pain. ...more

Living with non attachment is a freeing step to living your best life!

In the past I've struggled with what it means to live without attachment. Does it mean that you don't care, that you have no feelings, no love for others. I understand the part of living without attachment to things, which I found very hard to do, but at first I couldn't grasp what was meant by non attachment in relation to people. Then finally I understood, the fog lifted, illuminating for me the true meaning of non attachment. It just means to be free of holding on to any emotion, situation, thoughts, longer than the present moment through awareness and mindfulness....more
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In 2015 stop the Negativity directed to you, it's not about you! Don't give it a life, yours!

We have all been in the situation when you are talking with someone, stranger, friend, family member, suddenly you feel the toxic heat of a negative comment towards you! What is this you think! What did I do! Why are they acting this way towards me! Always remember not to take in others negativity, IT IS NOT ABOUT YOU, IT IS ABOUT THEM. Yes that is right even though the remark is directed towards you. Don't give others negativity a life by even thinking about it or taking it in. This is the hard part, don't respond, don't defend yourself, that gives credence to their negative barb....more
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Don't give your power away by focusing on anyone but you!

We believe that we want to live our dream life, our best life, receiving all our life's desires. Then we  sabotage ourselves by not focusing our attention on what we want but on what others have and are doing; wanting to be someone we are not! Basically giving our power which lives in our focus to other s, not keeping our own power. We get caught up in wanting to be like so and so, or wanting the life of another person. You are setting yourself up for failure since you can only be you, no one else! Why limit yourself with another person's dream, set you free with your dream....more

Set your 2015 Intention to live presently your best life each and everyday!

So many times we feel that we can just take it easy, let things slide, do it tomorrow, not realizing that tomorrow never comes, we only have today. Don't wait for tomorrow to follow your dreams, don't set imaginary dates in the future for when "it" will happen. "It' will never happen in the future, "it" will only happen today. Make the focus of your life living in the today, the present. That is the only time that is real. The past is gone, the future never ever comes, we only have today to live our best life! ...more

Since I am my own worst critic this New Year I am going to be more forgiving of myself!

My first and only New Year intention is to not be so hard on me. To embrace me, to love me for exactly who I am, letting go of my over critical eye that I reserve only for me. I never feel that I have done my best, that I couldn't do better always seeing the flaws first.  I am never satisfied with the job that I have done looking for ways to improve, be better. Although I would not change my natural striving for excellence, I need to stop and celebrate my successes, savoring each and every moment. Just feeling satisfied, happy, content, joy before I investigate ways to do it better....more
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I've faced my fears so what's holding you back?

One way to initiate change is to ask yourself, what is holding you back from moving forward, from getting unstuck from all that you don't like or want in  your life. The bottom line is fear but dig deeper to where the fear lies, to the root of that fear. Just as in the garden when you want to kill a weed, in order to eradicate a fear you need to attack the root or it will keep coming back....more
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Look inward to find your power, your strength!

The power, strength that you need to live your best life resides with you not with others. No one can give you what you need to succeed, to live, to have all that you want. The power is with you even if you don't realize how strong and forceful you are. That power to achieve all, to do all that you want is with you all the time, you just have to feel it, the strength that flows in your being. We all have the power, some can access the feeling more readily that others....more