Feeling Gratitude brings the elusive happiness that we all desire directly to us!

Feeling gratitude each and everyday for all that you have; sending that gratitude to everyone in your life is the easiest route to bring happiness into your life. Living with gratitude in this way is a learned habit that takes a little time and effort, but so worth the benefit to your well being. When gratitude radiates through your being-deep in your soul-life is pure bliss and happiness. Feeling gratitude banishes all those negative feelings that have lived for so long within you, creating havoc instead of peace. ...more

Do something that truly fills you with joy to live your best life!

When you find just that right activity that truly fills you with so much joy that you can't contain that joy spilling over to touch everything in your being that is pure bliss! I do many things that fill me with joy; cooking, gardening, running, reading but the one activity that fills my whole being with joy is yoga. For me after my practice my world is the best that it can be. Nothing can change or touch that feeling for me, the feeling of pure bliss. I carry that with me after I leave my mat to my world outside yoga....more

In 2015 I realize I have the choice to live my best life! The power is mine.

Choices, we all have choices in life.  The problem arises when we don't like our choices and then we think we have none.  We throw our hands up claiming that we have no choice and just let what happens, happen. Yes we have choices in each and every situation, we just don't have the one that we want or think that we want. I lived this way for a long time just believing that I was without choices when I didn't want to face the truth; ran from making what I thought was the hard decision never realizing by not making the choice I was complicating my life, causing more pain....more

Staying focused on my 2015 Intention: Banishing fear forever!

Fear, that little demon that burrows into the deep crevicies in your mind, tunneling  for a long stay like a ant building a permenent home.  So hard to face up to saying with a strong voice conveniently,  just go away. No more will I let you reside deep in my soul to take all the joy and gratitude that I deserve and need.  That I want more than anything to feel blessed, worthy, happy, joyful. Why am I still seeking peace never truly embracing peace to make peace a permenite friend for life....more

Embracing my Passion to make it my Work without fear!

We are all encouraged to find our passion in life, to make that our life's mission, our work. I think I have always had a problem with that idea since I could never let go of the feeling that my work could not be fun, could not be something that I love to do. Maybe it's in my DNA or how I was raised but to think of doing something that I loved instead of toiling away at a job just to make money is very foreign to me: Was it fear that stopped me? Until recently I wasn't open to being my best by following my dream, my passion. Finally that is all I want to do....more

What is the Truth? Does it really exist?

Truth is an interesting word that is thrown out very frequently without regard to what is really the truth. Is truth real, is anything really true. Something that we think is real instead just being a figment of our imagination with truth never really existing. Why is the truth so important? How many evil deeds have been committed in the name of truth, the only truth. We all live in our own reality where there are many truths not just one. The truth is not black or white but all the shades in between....more

Living with Gratitude means never forgetting where you come from!

I have vowed my whole life to never ever forget where I came from to make it to where I am today. Keeping the knowledge that we are all come from the same source each and every one of us, connected by the our being, the human thread is key to living with gratitude. I could not feel gratitude if I didn't remember why I feel that gratitude. I am so amazed by people who forget that we are all the same, no one is better than anyone else....more

Your life is a reflection of the path that you've taken so choose the path you want in life!

Finally I think that I understand how all that we do, each and every action, comes back to us,  basically our life is the reflection of those actions. We choice a path in life, how we live our life, that is what comes right back to us. I've learned that our reactions are as equally important as our actions. How you react to a situation also has energy to impact your life. Specifically if react with anger or hate that sends out that message to the universe bring more of the same back to you. Exactly what you don't want or need....more

In 2015 don't run from your desires instead just embrace intentions with all your love and power!

Have you ever noticed as I have that instead of embracing your desires, you seem to be running away from all that you say you want. Oh you talk a good game, on and on about how you are focusing on your intentions, being specific about your desires when actually if you examine your actions the opposite is true. You are actually distancing yourself from what you want by doing everything else but what is necessary to succeed. Yes you are sabotaging your desires. Setting yourself up for failure....more
L. Donsky-Levine Thanks!more

Live your best life each and every day to access all life's endless possibilities!

Be your best, live your best we hear that all the time but what actually does that mean in practical terms. How can you put these wonderful ideas into practice each and everyday to access life's endless possibilities. You can achieve your intentions to be your best by living with awareness, living consciously remembering that each and every action, that you take effects not only you but everyone around you. Quite simple put your focus on everything that you do especially your intentions. Focus on what you want not on anything else or anyone else....more