Living my best life!

Being me, the only person, I can be. Living my best life without fear or trepidation in life's journey. If I am my best, embracing all that life offers with joy and love that is all I can do. All I can ask life for is to receive all that I send out knowing life's infinite law that the power to create my best life by is within me, just me. Life is not perfect for perfection does not exist so striving for perfection is a losing proposition. Living my best life I focus on being my best, outstanding, setting a high standard, never judging or labeling my efforts, instead focusing on obtainment....more

Be open to enjoying life's endless abundance!

Life sends unlimited opportunities just for you. Embracing, being open, not closed, to life's endless possibilities you see clearly the enormous banquet set out each day for you to enjoy a little or a lot depending on what you desire. Focusing on life's abundance frees you from jealousy, envy, resentment, emotions that control your behavior. Living  knowing that there is enough for all of us in the world sets you on a beautiful journey through life, living your best life, focusing on you....more

Staying focused on being present on the path to your best life!

Living life fully is ever changing, constantly tweaking, always moving forward, never back, surprisingly simple if all the time you focus your attention like a strong laser with precise precision on living your life, just yours. Looking inward not out to be your brightest, not relying on anyone but you to bring you happiness or your desires. Only one person can impact your life, you. Focus, being present, guarantees you will live your best life. ...more

Three simple steps to impact the journey to your achieve you best life!

Throw out all the negative ideas in your life by setting a path of embracing joy and happiness. Fear, worry, self criticism, judgement, envy, jealousy,all those sneaky ego controlling mechanisms, prevent you from being your best. Access your own power, so strong that you cannot be stopped. Focus, laser sharp, setting the intention to live your best life, binging you all the you deserve, all you desire. Concentrate your power through focus, letting nothing or anyone get in your way. You are the guiding force that controls your life. Never forget that by giving your power to another....more

Embracing my best life!

Embrace life freely living open to unlimited possibles without judgement. What difference does it make if we label an experience or event. Nothing changes when we waste energy uselessly judging, we cannot change the past, we can only impact the present living in the present moment. Energy, our power, is best used living life to our best, accessing all, open to all opportunities. Only by being without judgement or fear can we see our path clearly.  ...more

The Power of Affirmation!

Recently my yoga teacher has been opening class leading us in releasing an affirmation, something that we feel that we want to bring into our life. By sending out your affirmation, saying over and over, by believing, incorporates the belief into your being. Feeling something is true makes it so, is your power to control your destiny. The simplicity of the premise is hard to fully comprehend. How can just releasing or saying an affirmation, like magic, bring it to realization....more

Living my best life savoring the present moment!

For me more often that I would like I find it very hard to live in the present moment, I am always rushing ahead. My mind like a runaway train speeds out of the station from the moment I wake up until I put my head down on the pillow at night. My biggest challenge to living my best life is writing my story in my mind before it even begins, not letting life slowly unfold like a beautiful flower, naturally. Not forced or contrived. When I rush to the end before it even begins I alter my story through perception never letting my life follow my true path....more

Remembering the lessons I've learned.

Lessons that I've learned on my path to living my best life I save for those days when I need to continue focusing forward. For I, like most, sometimes feel negativity sneaking into my brain like a little mouse squeezing through a crack that isn't completely sealed. When I feel that I am slipping into a bleak moment, feeling worthless, or that I am less than I want to be, I remember how this is not who I am. Not wanting or letting a single moment in life negate all that I have worked so hard to become. ...more

Perception is a most powerful tool in living your best life.

Perception, our subjective view, an intricate important aspect to living your best life.  Events are real, yes for sure, which we cannot be change. Changeable and controllable is our perception of events, our view. Once incorporated into your being this belief, that you control perception, that life is painted solely by you, the artist. Perception is an amazing tool to control your life easily without stress or negativity. How you perceive life is your reality which is so easy to change....more

Live with actions not words!

I call myself a positive realist, open, willing to suspend doubt believing in what I can't see or understand. Reading the facts, seeing actions, not listen to words, I can read people and situations clearly. Using my, you may call it intuition, I prefer to name it power, that we all have within to separate fact from fiction. ...more