Break free of all that is holding you back by being the Star of your life!

Free, free to be our best, free from the pulls of the past that are holding us back, this is what to strive for to live your best life. To get past the chatter of the inner voice, the ego which whole purpose is to control, learn to let go of all the baggage from the past by living presently....more

You and only you are in control responsible for your life!

The most powerful truth that I have assimilated into my being helping me to be the person that I am today is so surprisingly simple. Yes, so simple yet so hard for me to believe, actually strongly resisting that idea that I am in control of my life. Instead I'd rather give all my power to anyone but me! How many times I would say or think I had to do something, I had no choice, not accepting personal responsibility for my life. Accepting this truth, living your life being accountable releases you power focusing on your attention on your intentions....more

Learned to Easily Handle Annoying , Rude or Toxic People

Most of my life I have always worried about my verbal interactions to others, mentally monitoring my conversations with people, was I being rude, hurting their feelings, speaking out of turn, even if I was dealing with a person who did not regard me in the same manner....more

Release Resistance from your life to set you free to succeed!

It took me along time to realize that resistance was holding me back from success, from achieving my goals and desires. Not anyone but me. Hard to face at first except that I think I always knew that I was the biggest reason that I was falling short of my desires. I was making it hard for me to move forward just because I didn't see how powerful I could be if I just let resistance go! Once I accepted this truth it was easy to move forward eliminating my old ways of resistance by making a few changes.  The first step on the path to no resistance was to let go of blame!...more

Yes you can neutralizing toxic people!

What if you can't eliminate a toxic person from you life at the present moment and you have to live with their negativity. How can you not let them spread their poison to you? Most of us have had to deal with a family member, co-worker, someone close to who is horribly toxic, yet we just couldn't cut them off. How do you neutralize that person so they don't effect you, so you are free from being pulled into their evil web. First understand that it is not about you, it is about them. You are not the problem - don't let them project their negativity onto you or engage you in their drama....more

The positive effect of eliminating the word try from my vocabulary!

The word try we use as a verb. A verb is a word used to describe an action, state or occurrence- now ask yourself does try fit that description. It doesn't! Try instead is inaction, can you see anyone try something, no you either do it or you don't.  ...more

The secret to finding balance in your life!

I've been on a path for most of my adult life to be the best I can, to live my best life. Yes it's a cliche. Guess what I like cliches! Me, I'm kind of like a self help junky addicted to always improving, trying the latest, to move to the next level. It all started in college with taking my first eastern religion class which opened up a thought process and belief system that at first was very foreign, almost exotic to me. The ancient tenants of eastern teachers resonated strongly with me, awaking a desire not only to learn more, but a feeling that these were truths that I must live by....more

Even though I felt mean I eliminated toxic friends from my life for my well being!

Do you have a person or maybe more than one in your life, that although you think you they are you friend, you realize that they are just toxic. You don't like the scorching toxic energy that they constantly release.  I have had a few, not many people fitting that description that I consider my friend.  I thought I could never intentionally delete them from my life, not quite as easy as just pushing that key on my lap top, but I did.  I finally realized that I could not longer keep these people in my life, I needed a purity in my life that they were keeping me from....more

Let go of the past to live free in the present!

We all know that intellectually that we should just be ourselves, be free, let go, just do it without thinking or letting our ego take control of our life. It seems so easy to just release everything that is holding you back, fear, cultural beliefs, past experiences, all that binds you to the past like crazy glue, never weakening the bond, holding you fiercely even though you want to break free. It is the ability to see clearly that you are stuck, to do something about that will set your free to be your best, to be and have all that you want....more

Feeling Gratitude brings the elusive happiness that we all desire directly to us!

Feeling gratitude each and everyday for all that you have; sending that gratitude to everyone in your life is the easiest route to bring happiness into your life. Living with gratitude in this way is a learned habit that takes a little time and effort, but so worth the benefit to your well being. When gratitude radiates through your being-deep in your soul-life is pure bliss and happiness. Feeling gratitude banishes all those negative feelings that have lived for so long within you, creating havoc instead of peace. ...more