Leave your emotional baggage at home when embracing on life's great adventure!

Leaving your emotional baggage at the doorway of life frees you to live your best life. Yes instead of carrying all the unnecessary emotions that we cling to, that only slow us down, let go live free with out  useless emotions. Emotions never ever produced a positive action in our lives. Stop and think back to a time when you need action or had to solve a problem did fear, negativity, resentment, anger, you know the emotions that I am addressing, ever help the situation?...more

Yes we all have choices! Don't give up that power!

How many times have you said or you heard someone else say, I had no choice. I didn't want to do blank but there was nothing I could do about it. That is not the truth, in life we all have choices, the problem arises when we don't like the choices that we have so be decide to be passive aggressive defaulting to doing nothing which is based on fear.  Letting go of fear frees us to see all our choices allowing us to make the best choice at that time for us. Yes for us. Remember only you can decide what is best for you, don't give away your power of choice to anyone else....more

Tap into your power within to find out how powerful you are!

Most of us don't realize that we have power, yes we are very powerful if we realize that power is like an eternal spring that runs deep within our being just waiting for us to access. Many times it is our awful companion fear that hinders our ability to release our power, sometimes it is just plain ignorance of the power that we all posses. Even after hearing about a miracle or when someone has unbelievable physical or mental strength in an impossible situation we still don't make the connection that we all posses the same power....more

Contentment through Meditation and Preparation!

Contentment-What that means to you is so important to being happy, feeling joy, living freely without all the drama that comes with not being satisfied. We are always looking to be happy, to feel content, to have it all. What many miss is that you don't need to look for contentment, you carry contentment with you each and every day. All we need to do is look inside, to focus on you, to achieve contentment. That little piece of wisdom is something that we miss, that we think is too easy, that it isn't right....more

Create your own special place, to be free!

Everyone needs a safe place, a place to go physically and mentally to be, for even a few minutes, away from any stress or disturbances that you need to release. Instead of staying with your mind racing or just a sour feeling falling down over you, go to your safe place where you can let it all go. A place that is free from negativity, stress, ego, others, a place for just you to reach deep with in your being to feel your true self, your pure potential. A place where endless possibilities live free within your reach, just for you!...more

Be Yourself to be your Best!

Trying to be someone your not or to be just like someone else takes so much time and energy....more

Living a "Self" Center life leads to joy and happiness!

We think that we should be selfless, think of others, not oneself. To be a good person you should put others before yourself, always focusing on the other person, not you. This way of viewing how we should live does not lead to living with joy and happiness. In fact the opposite is usually the result of focusing on others, not you gives all your power to others instead of inwardly focusing your power on you....more

Toxic people it's not your problem, it's their problem!

We all have people who come into our life that are so toxic, so scorching, that just being near them you feel the burning heat radiating from their negativity. So many times these people live just to inflict their pain on anyone who comes into their universe. That is the only way they can feel good about themselves to create pain for others. Their helplessness in life is only masked by controlling others with their toxic behavior....more

Should you but into a strangers life or should you just keep your mouth shut.

Usually I mind my own business, never sticking my nose into a strangers business. I often wonder if I would be able to speak up if I saw something so wrong that had to be corrected.  A few times I have thought after a situation with a friend that I should have said something.  You know to the friend who seems to be drinking too much far to many times. Like the time I knew that I shouldn't have let her drive and vowed that if I was in her company again when she drank too much I would be the one to speak up and take her keys! ...more

Change is a catalyst that opens endless possibilities!

Change is usually viewed as negative or not welcomed in our lives. We fear the unknown enduring what we don't like or want rather that move onto something new or different. We fear deep within our being change resisting to the point of doing us mental or physical harm. Rather than fighting the inevitable, the impermanence of life, embrace, live with change, see how wonderful life looks each and every day when you are one with change! ...more