Focusing on your intentions to live your best life!

Focusing all you attention on you leads to acceptance of the present moment. No longer do you need to or want to compare with anyone around you. You know that in order to live your best you are all that is important. You don't harbor resentment, judgement, attachment to anything. You are free to be the best that you can be. ...more

Simply use gratitude and grace can solve any problem easily without conflict!

Most times when we face a conflict or a situation that we struggle to resolve we feel negative emotions rise from within, anger, frustration, stress, which is normal. Normal since we have habitually handled difficulties with emotional responses. Facing problems this way only creates more of the same state rather than a resolution. ...more

Using the Emotion of Doubt Positively to live your best life!

We all experience doubt at one time or another, an emotion that surfaces in new situations or when we are facing continuing challenges. Doubt can be a useful emotion when we face doubt realizing that we are so much stronger, our will succeeds in banishing doubt from our consciousness. Using doubt as a measurement of our ability to be present, to embrace doubt without fear is a powerful tool in living your best life. Looking at doubt as a positive force is an effective mechanism to achieve your desires.  ...more

Write your own story don't try to live another story!

Each and everyone of us has our own unique story which belongs just to us! We are given this gift to have the amazing chance to create a richly full story, our life, where we are the star. Yes we are each the star of our story. To live our best life we need to understand that we can only live our story! We can be our best, do our best when we are true to who we are, not when we want to be someone else. I use this Oscar Wilde quote all the time cause it is so true 'be yourself everyone else is taken'. Nothing rings truer than those sentiments....more

The healing power of gratitude

The benefits of feeling and living with gratitude in your life are unlimited. Gratitude is a powerful emotion with healing powers that can free you from not only emotional but physical pain as well.  Releasing gratitude to the universe enriches the lives of everyone, not just those that are close to you. By focusing on just gratitude, not negativity, your mind and body respond to powerful feelings that dwell within all of us....more

Live free of Resistance to create your best life!

Overcoming resistance is essential to living your best life. Resistance to the flow of your life, what the universe has specifically in store for you is rooted in fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of lack of control, fear of change, just plan fear! ...more

Embracing Acceptance to move forward to your best life!

Acceptance to all that shows up in life is very hard for me. Intellectually I understand that we cannot control life's situations or others, we can only impact our life through our ability to control our own actions. Yes this is very simply put. Probably too simplistic but I think that shines the true light on our power to control what is around us by controlling ourselves.  Fighting this truth leads to stress, conflict, infinite drama that is not only unnecessary but harmful to our well being....more

You can't find yourself since you are not lost just hiding!

I've been on a quest to find the best me for my whole adult life so you think I'd be close by now. No I don't feel that I am almost there I feel that I have a long way to go. Recently I realized that I will never "find" my best self, my true me since the premise is totally false, impossible to obtain. How can you find your true self, how can it be lost or missing. The answer is so clear that instead of "looking" I should just be myself. We all have our true self within us we don't have to go looking....more

Change is not a bad word!

Most times when we hear the word change we panic, feel fear, worry that all will be altered forever. Change is inevitable in life, nothing can stop change. Fighting change only creates negativity and stress. Instead do it differently, embrace change, through out judgement and attachment, realize that we cannot hold back change any more than we can hold back time. Become free from focusing on what we have no control over instead work on all that we can control in our lives, only ourselves....more

Negating Toxic People by one simple choice!

People don't realize that they can't hurt you or 'get even' with you unless you allow them by giving your power away. All they are doing is sending out negative energy that like a homing pigeon returns right back to the source, the toxic person. You control how you react, only you, that is the power that lies with in all of us that we can either choice to use or choice to lose. The decision is yours to make wisely to live with endless possibilities instead of being limited by the toxic behavior of others.  ...more