Living a Charmed Life

I live a  charmed life or so I am told by those that know me, some very close who are very close to me. Yes I do appear to be one of the lucky ones always happy, calm, peacefully living my life without any stress or normal strains of life. I laugh to myself when I am told by friends that they want my life. I just graciously accept the complement without any editorial comments as to the disparity between what they think and what is....more

A New Morning's Promise

My favorite time of the day early morning when the house is still and quiet waiting for the awaking of a new day with all shinning newness. New like fresh snow glistening with unlimited possibilities calling to you, make your tracks, make it your own. Sitting in the kitchen with a fresh cup of hot coffee hearing only the mechanical hum of the refrigerator or the soft chime of our grandmother’s clock before the first trickles of water from the up stairs bathroom signal the house is awaking is my special time....more
J-MOM Thank you for the complement. No, my attitude comes from the belief that we all choose our ...more

What's holding you back!

We often wonder why our goals aren't reached, why we seem like the hamster on a wheel in a cage, always running and never getting anywhere. We look for a reason, someone or something to blame for our not achieving our intention. There has to be a reason we keep saying over and over. Embrace a different concept, be free of negativity, accept at this time that there is no reason, the situation just is. Leave the whys behind that waste your energy and power trying to figure out the answer when there is none....more

Don't accept less, you are worthy!

Over coming self doubt, not valuing your worth, is an important step in being your best. We all say that we want the best, that we want to reach our goals and desires, our actions don't always match our words. Really analyze if your actions and words are in sync with your intentions. If they are not aligned then no matter what you say you want you will never reach your destination....more

Accept responsibility for your actions!

What stops us from accepting responsibility for all that we do. Is it fear of being criticized or doing something wrong, or fear of the consequences. The reason is not important for our aversion, what is important is we overcome any hesitation by just embracing acceptance. Life flows freely when let go of all the negativity that tries to bind you to the past. Let the past go, instead live presently accepting responsibility a bold step to being the best you! ...more

Love your Journey through life!

Love your journey, your life, each and every day! Don't lose the day by wishing it over. Each day that we have is a gift - don't squander the present, a perfect opportunity to live your best life. What could be better than waking up to a new journey, fresh as newly fallen snow, just waiting for you to make your own footprints, your own path.  How absolutely exciting to have a fresh shinning new beginning each and every day....more

Let's finally end the insanity and demand strong gun laws!

Albert Einstein said insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Isn't this how we handled all these horrific mass shootings by clearly deranged humans who without any problem obtained weapons to bring evil into our lives. We worry more about weapons of mass destructing being in the hands of hostile countries when instead we should be focusing all our attention on keeping weapons out of the hands of our mentally unstable citizens....more

Leave Drama behind on your road to your best life!

Drama, Drama, Drama, is all around us, just look at this year's Presidential campaign. All the negativity and drama to catch your attention. Isn't that why people create drama so they can get noticed. It's it just like screaming look at me! Take away the drama and negativity and there is not much left, no substance. ...more

Embrace all making your life just flow to live your authentic life!

Embracing all that come to you without judgement is so freeing! We like to put labels on everything, easy, hard, good, bad, right, wrong. By labeling, attaching judgement to something, we lose the freedom to just be. We lose the experience all caught up in the drama of the label. By just accepting without judgement all situations we are now free to truly experience the present moment authentically. ...more

Don't be Modest about who you are!

Being fearless includes not under playing your success, don't be too modest.  Feel good about your successes, who you are, share them with the world. Not that brash annoying bragging or self promoting that is so popular now especially if their is no substance under the hype. I am referring to a strong reliance that says yes I am capable, accomplished, proud of who I am, I can be all that I want.  Bragging is all on the surface with no support, confidence is cemented into your being....more