Is the Anticipated Increase in Holiday Jobs Something to Celebrate?

In 2007, (can we call that the good ol' days?) retailers hired 720,800 holiday workers. Last year, that number plummeted to 501,400. Doing the math, that's a loss of 219,400 jobs. This year, according to Challenger, Gray and Christmas, a national outsourcing firm, retailers could hire anywhere from 550,000 to 650,000 seasonal workers. Or, another way to look at it, retailers would still be hiring anywhere from 70,800 fewer to up to 170,800 fewer people than in 2007. ...more

The Secret to a Strong Marriage: Never Go in Business Together

In the past fifteen years, I have given that advice to several lovely couples who were thinking about going into business together. I don't think they paid attention. We wouldn't have either. Despite the alleged benefits, I would say the cons of working with your spouse definitely outweigh the pros. But, who's asking me? ...more
Talk about a nightmare I can't get away from. I went into business with my wife back in ...more

The Three Words You Never Want To Hear Your Doctor Say: "I Found Something."

Perhaps, if I had gone to the doctor with symptoms, I wouldn't have been so astonished when, after my pelvic exam, she said, "I found something." She gave me a moment to register what she said; then, she continued, " It could be nothing - maybe I felt some intestines. It could be a cyst, but she added, "at your age, (I'm 59) that is unlikely, and before she could say the third option, I said it for her, " Or, it's cancer." She nodded. ...more

Hi Elana - great name :)

i am so happy that your test results came back negative. i love to ...more

(PICS) Summer's Eve Not the First Company to Get It Wrong With Women-Targeted Ads

You've got to feel bad for Angela Bryant. She's the brand manager for Summer Eve's feminine wash. Not only is she charged with selling a product for douching - an activity the health care profession says is unhealthy and should be avoided, Bryant, by approving an advertorial in Women's Day magazine, is now associated with an ad that is sure to become a classic of how not to market to women. ...more

I've always been interested in commercials throughout television from a pop cultural ...more

Are You Boycotting Target? Would You Give Up Your iPhone To Protest A Political Contribution?

On Sunday, I spent over $90 at Target buying some paper products, groceries, refill pads for my Swiffer Wetjet, and a package of Kong Air Dong mini tennis balls for my dog. Nothing I bought was exclusive to Target except for a bag of Archer Farms Key Lime Pie naturally flavored trail mix. I could have ended up with all the other items by stopping at Walgreens, Petco and Lunds grocery store. But, I didn't. ...more
 @sfmommynomics Anti-gay, at least in this case, is NOT the same as "pro-family". Emmer supports ...more

OFFICIAL BLOGHER '10 LIVEBLOG: BlogHer Business - Measuring and Monitoring: Social Media Marketing

Welcome to the liveblog of the BlogHer Business '10 panel: Measuring and Monitoring: The Case for Social Media Marketing INFO: ...more

OFFICIAL BLOGHER '10 LIVEBLOG: BlogHer Business - FTC Guidelines, One Year Later

Welcome to the liveblog of the BlogHer Business '10 panel: The FTC Guidelines, One Year Later This panel starts at 1:30pm and ends at 2:45pm 4:00pm Eastern time on August 5, 2010. Keep refreshing this page as the panel takes place for more liveblogging! INFO: ...more

Loans & Social Media: Efforts to Get Small Business Owners To Spend

If there is one thing retailers want, it's this: seeing small business owners start spending money again. However, consumer confidence is low. Just last week, the consumer confidence index level dropped to its lowest point in three months. So what's a retailer to do? ...more

Career Shift Happens: Coming Full Circle From Potter To Dean Back To Potter

The lyrics, "Love is better the second time around," could easily be ceramic artist Marion Angelica's theme song. After spending the first seven years after college trying to make it as a ceramic artist, Angelica gave up clay because she found the life of an artist isolating, she hated the business aspect of running a ceramic business and she needed to make more money. That was in the 70's. ...more

Ah, a dream come true. Too bad it took a third of her life to get there and even now it’s not ...more

Career Shifts Happen: CJ Lyons Goes From Pediatrician To Best Selling Author

Two weeks before her first novel was scheduled to be published, CJ Lyons received some devastating news -- the publisher pulled her book from publication because of cover art issues. The timing couldn't have been worse. CJ had quit her job as a pediatrician, moved from Pennsylvania to South Carolina, and had no other book contracts on the horizon. Now, just four years later, CJ Lyon's first hardcover book will be published by Vanguard Press -- it's the first installment of a new suspense series that Vanguard Press asked her to co-write with Erin Brockovich. ...more

I can't imagine what it was like to have that book pulled just two weeksprior to publication. ...more