Wanting to Love the Pope

This is a good article although overall I think people nowadays are way too obsessed with the Pope. The Pope has no power to change the laws of God regarding basic morality. He is "just" the Pope ....more

"Grass Widow"

Some etymology from Grammarphobia: ...more

Dress from the Sea

From Vintage News: When the divers had separated the loot from the wreckage, they realized it was more than just a bag of rags; that they had most likely found an important piece of history....more

General Mattis on the Importance of Reading

From Business Insider: With [Task Force] 58, I had w/ me Slim’s book, books about the Russian and British experiences in [Afghanistan],...more

IVF and Infertility

From The Sydney Morning Herald: Dr Aitken predicted that unless there was a rethink, Australia was well on the way to replicating the Danish experience where one in 15 children were IVF babies. He said the trend to IVF raised equity issues in how much money society should pay helping couples have children and research was revealing previously unsuspected health risks such as increased cancer rates among boys whose fathers – but not mothers – smoked and used assisted conception techniques."We should guard against recklessly marching into a future where we use too much assisted conception in order to compensate for our loss of fertility," he said."Its an inexorable upward trend. We are taking recourse to IVF in increasing numbers and the thing we have to remember as a society is that the more you use assisted conception in one generation, the more you're going to need it in the next."Director of the University of Newcastle's large 50-staff Priority Research Centre for Reproductive Science and the 2012 NSW Scientist of the Year, Dr Aitken is world-renown for his work on the largely neglected field of male reproduction.Delivering a lecture at the BoschInstitute, Human fertility: How Lifestyle, Affluence and the Medical Profession are killing our Species, Professor Aitken criticised the IVF industry for ignoring the fact that failure to conceive stemmed largely from male fertility problems ....more

Georgia O'Keefe: Color and Strength

From Inside Chic: Georgia O’Keeffe has long been one of our favorite artists, and her work is undergoing a major reconsideration....more

Vatican Ostpolitik and the Death of Fidel Castro

From Crisis: Appalled by the corruption and political violence under Batista’s regime, many members of Cuba’s middle class and intelligentsia supported Castro’s Revolution (during which his relationship to communism was still ambiguous). However, they were quickly disappointed with what came next. In the fifty-seven years that the Castro brothers have ruled Cuba, the country has become a laboratory of communist terror: the killings and disappearances of thousands of Cubans have been documented; there are no free elections; the quality of life in Cuba has deteriorated rapidly, and many Cubans live in abject poverty; and the abortion rate in the country is the world’s second highest (which only makes Cuba’s rapidly aging population worse) ....more

Other Views

From The Federalist: I don’t claim to speak for all urban white women who voted for Trump. But I’m sure I’m not alone in my astonishment at the allegations thrown around the social media echo chamber, accusing us of being racist, self-hating misogynists.I understand many of you opposed Trump and feel afraid and frustrated, or just saddened and confused. I know it is easy to lash out right now ....more

Holiday Plans

From Inside Chic: Since my children are older now and the older ones are only briefly in town from college, they like to be with their friends as much as possible. This year I’m going to host a multigenerational holiday sing-a-long cocktail party. I have hired a person to play holiday tunes on the piano, and I am inviting family and...more

Life Under ISIS

From The Christian Science Monitor: When Christians fled the small town of Bartalla in August 2014 as Islamic State militants swept toward them, then-14-year-old Ibrahim Matti and his elderly mother stayed behind. Without a car, they waited on a relative who promised to return for them after ferrying his own family to safety. But by then, it was too late ....more