Coconut Mojito Grilled Shrimp w/ Coconut Rum Glaze & Baby Arugula, Shredded Coconut Mojito Salad

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Pastelón – Sweet Plantain Puerto Rican Lasagna

NOT YOUR MOM'S LASAGNA! Here is a great recipe for a Puerto Rican Pastelón. My grandmother's recipe to be exact. Whenever we visited my abuelita in Philly, she would make this dish and have it waiting for us when we arrived. ...more

Pollo Guisado - Puerto Rican Braised Stewed Chicken

One of my favorite dishes since childhood was my mothers pollo guisado. If I told you that my sisters and I use to fight like animals for the wings would you believe me? You better, because the claws came out as soon as the stewed chicken hit the tables. Wow, thinking about it now brings back crazy memories! And yes, even now as adults we still fight for the wings!...more
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Authentic Old World Puerto Rican Sofrito