This 20-Something's Rebuttal to the NYTimes

Two days ago The New York Times opened a proverbial can of worms with its article, What Is It About 20-Somethings? Considering 20-something’s knack for voicing an opinion on anyt topic, this has gotten the attention is deserves. There is a summary of the article on 10 Signs You’re a 20-Something, According to The New York Times....more

Writing, the old fashioned way!

elhatt.wordpress.comThis morning I wrote a letter. A two-page, hand-written letter....more

Love love love love love it. I love that you were inspired by another post to write a letter and ...more

"And Emily Gould Says..."

Recently I changed my blogging outlet and went anonymous. I needed to toy with unveiling more intimate thoughts and experiences in the blogosphere. I did, and that outlet is rewarding both emotionally and in my candid interaction with other bloggies. Anonymity dissolves the fear of personal disclosure. It’s this reason that I admire memoirists who can so openly divulge not just their actions but their heart’s desires. Emily Gould is one such author....more

Our Own Worst Enemy

In analyzing my most recent relationship, I realized how similar we really were—unfortunately, it wasn’t a positive thing for us at this time, and we spent too much time condemning each other for our actions, than relating. Then again, this is one our shared faults: Trying to fix others weaknesses, instead of facing our own. ...more

Google Reminder!

Following every break-up, there is a period of mourning which inevitably hosts reminders. Even with a great amount of effort to purge your life of all the symbols of your past relationship, you are bound to at least one moment of oversight. For me it was my Google calendar: Reminder: 1 Year Anniversary with [name](Like I had needed a reminder!) Even though we had only dated for about 10 months ‘officially’ and stopped “communicating” within the past couple weeks, this was a significant blow. ...more