The Reunion

We survived the 20th Reunion weekend....more

20 years. Really?

Tomorrow is my20th High School reunion. TWENTY!!! Sometimes when I think about it, it seems like my high school days just happened ....more

Homeschool Week 7: Plants Make Their Own Food Like This

It was a pretty mellow week this time around. No real big projects or videos to do but as always still a lot of work to do. Louie Language Arts: This week we dove into the letter "Ii" ....more

Happy 88th Birthday Nana!

See that look my Nana is giving the camera....more

Homeschool Week 6: Interviews Over Pho

Louie Language Arts: We are up to 8 letters now and Louie is doing great with 5 of them. The letters "C, D, and N" are just not sticking. I am sure that there is a reason why they are not teaching the letters in alphabetical order, but I really think it would help ....more

The Baby Turns 30

Since you can't drink on your birthday this year here is a picture of you drinking everyone's drink....more

Homeschool Week 5: Apple Dissection and Colorful Celery Stalk

Week 5 is in the books! That means less than 30 to go! We had a really good week and even managed to go to a school event! ...more

Frankie Liked to Sing by John Seven and Jana Christy

Last week I got a package in the mail from Abram Kids, a publishing company. So we all know that I have a slight love for books. And by slight I mean immense....more

Homeschool Week 4: Hawaii Action News Report with Sophia L.

Louie Louie got her tablet issued to her and this made the week a bit easier. She was able to sit with me and working on apps and listen to stories while I could keep working on my own computer. As much as I would love to give my girls 100% attention when they are working I can't because they are working the same time I am....more

The 60th Birthday Bash

My Mom's only request was a pink champagne cake from The Madonna Inn! The 60th birthday bash was a huge success. Mostly because my sister Cari is an amazing party planner ....more