A Decade In: Parenting

10 years old. My daughter turns 10 years old today. MY ....more

The Boy Who Lived...

4,224 pages and 2 months later I am finished with the Harry Potter series. I can't believe it took me so long to finally pick up those monstrosity of books and read them. Each book kept me hooked ....more

Homeschool Week 33: Smores and Silent Films

Phi did really great at the Suessical the Musical last Friday. She opened the whole show. We were super proud of her.Language Arts: Phi read another 25 pages in "The Earth Dragon Awakes" and was assigned this really fun "Literacy Devices Comic Strip" ....more

Louie the Mini Fashionista

Louie has decided that she wants to pick out her own outfits because, as she puts it... "I know fashion." I thought I would document for prosperity a week's worth of outfits....more

Talking about Trips and Homeschool at Citrus Groups Homeschool Network

I am over at C.G.H.N again! This time talking about how we turn weekend adventures into a complete homeschool lesson!Click the picture below! ...more

Homeschool Week 32: Chinatpwn Post Quake

Language Arts: Phi read another 25 pages of the book "The Earth Dragon Awakes". The quake has hit San Francisco. What I really love about this book is how descriptive it is ....more

Dirt Road Diary: Butterfly Trail aka 1N12

We finally found some time to pack up the Cruisers and head out for the day. We kept it pretty local and headed to the San Bernardino Mountains taking trail 1N12 to Seven Oaks Dam. The trail was about 6 miles ....more

My Mom by Louie and Phi

Click on picture to see a larger version....more

#RegaloDeAmorPampers with a Giveaway

This is part of a sponsored collaboration with DiMe Media and Pampers. All opinion are 100% mine....more

Homeschool Week 31: Pre-Quake Chinatown

The last 2 weeks Phi's school has been doing state testing so homework has been light. This week we are back in business and we are in the home stretch.Language Arts: Phi started a new book this week that goes along with what she is studying in social studies. "The Earth Dragon Awakes" by Laurence Yep is a short book and we are only about 28 pages into it but the book is filled with great imagery ....more