Dirt Road Diary: Giant Rock Was Calling Us And Didn't Want To Let Us Leave

Last week Louie stopped me in the kitchen and said "Mom, I need to go to Giant Rock". I was not shocked by this. I asked her if it had been calling her ....more

It's Nice To See Some Things Are Still Around

When I was a kid there was nothing more exciting then when the Troll book club order forms were passed out. If you grew up in the 80's you probably remember them.... I would spend hours looking at each book cover, reading each description ....more

VP Phi

We are almost 2 months into the school year. The excitement of all the newness of everything has worn off. The fun introduction "get to know you" class assignments are done and there have even been a few tests ....more

Sea Otter Awareness Week- Save the Otters

As Otter Awareness Week comes to an end Louie and her guest Sophia, have some really important information to share. They are talking about the things today that are harming sea otters. The good news is that there are things that you can do to help ....more

Sea Otter Awareness Week- Our Favorite Sea Otter Books

Otter Awareness weeks continues!! Besides collecting plush otters, Louie also loves books about otters. Today Louie and her special guest are sharing a few of their favorite otter books.There are so many great books out there! ...more

Sea Otter Awareness Week with Louie- Meet the Otters

As we continue to celebrate Sea Otter Awareness Week, Louie would like to introduce you to her Otter Squad.Talk about squad goals! Sea Otter Awareness Week with Louie- Wednesday from Elissa Lerma on Vimeo. For more information on sea otters and learn how you can help please visit.. ....more

Sea Otter Awareness Week with Louie- Otter's Special Fur and Population

Happy Sea Otter Awareness Week. Louie hopes that you have been thinking a lot about otters this week! There are a ton of reasons that Louie loves otters ....more

Sea Otter Awareness Week with Louie- 4 Facts About Otters

A few weeks ago Louie brought to me a calendar that Sea World had mailed to her. She pointed to September 18-24 and with giant eyes said "MOM LOOK!". Right there on the calendar it showed that it was Sea Otter awareness week! ...more

Bass Lake Talent Show- The Lost Footage

So over the summer we had our annual Bass Lake talent show. My parents act won by a landslide.Well we thought that filmed footage was lost, but not so.I found it. And so I present to you the winning skit from the 2016 Bass Lake Talent ShowBass Lake Olympics Sorry for Phi's cackling throughout but is was so funny! ...more

Stranger Things + Art

I kept hearing about this Netflix show called "Stranger Things". I stayed away because I usually don't do scary shows. But then my boss, who also doesn't do scary shows, said that she binge watched it and loved it ....more