Answering the Questions You've Been Dying to Ask

Everywhere we go, without fail, someone will stop us and ask the same question.... "How long did it take for you to grow that?" Of course I am talking about the beard. People are fascinated with the beard ....more

Frost Nixon Play at the High Street Arts Center

Over the weekend Joey and I left the kids with my sister so we could go and watch our niece in her local community theatre play. Chone (her nickname!) is a sophomore in high school. She is active in school plays, orchestra and is on the track team ....more

Homeschool Week 29: Organization Is Key

I have talked about it to anyone who ever asks how homeschooling is going. Being organized is the key. It took us a little while to figure this out and it had made all the difference.I am over at Citrus Group today talking about how we stay organized ....more

Spring Fling Dance

The girls counted down the days until the big Spring Fling Dance at school. A dance just for the homeschool elementary kids. We had bought our tickets a week earlier ....more

Homeschool Week 28: Ch-ch-ch-changes

Language Arts: This week we finished the book "Holes". I will admit this was not my favorite. I had a hard time following along with the story ....more

Persimmon Orson Tata

About 5 months ago the girls got it into their heads that they wanted a hamster. They would beg us to take them to the "free zoo" or as it is more commonly know, Petco. Phi spent hours researching the perfect habitat and the different types of hamsters ....more

Big Rock, Landers California

After we left Hicksville we took advantage of being out near Landers,Ca. We made a quick drive by the Integratron...more

Roman Chavez

We should be celebrating his 28th birthday but instead we are remmebering him on the 8th anniversary of the day Roman died ....more

Hicksville: It's Not a Trailer Park, It's a Trailer Palace

This year we had a Spring Break trip that none of us will ever forget. Huge thank you goes out to my Mother-in-law Kim. She paid for the family to take a 3 day and 2 night trip to one of the coolest places I have ever been....more