And even more doctors

Over her lifetime Phi has seen about 10 different doctors thanks to her eczema. Yesterday we added a new pediatric dermatologist to the mix. She came highly recommended by Phi's immunologist ....more

Homeschool: Back to School 4th Grade

We officially went back to school today. It was more of an orientation day for the kids and the parents. The real work starts for Phi next Wednesday ....more

Louie Goes to Ikea

Over the weekend we had a few hours to kill so we made a stop at Ikea. I love this place and we needed more kids utensils. We haven't been in a long time so she didn't remember ever being there ....more

Polar Bear Shaved Ice

On the way home from Art Walk we made a pit stop at Polar Bear Shave Ice. Pearmama recently mentioned this place on social media and it looked pretty amazing. It did not disappoint....more

Riverside Art Walk

The first Thursday of the month in downtown Riverside is Art Walk. All the museums are open late and for free. There is also lots of vendors on the streets selling cool art ....more

July Books and Gratitude

38. The Last Days of California by Mary Miller: This was a kinda strange but kinda awesome book. The story is about a family driving across country because they are religious fanatics are are convinced that the world is going to end and they are trying to make it to California to be part of the last people on earth ....more

When the little sister gets jealous.

Did you notice the super cute and very accurate picture that is our blog header for this month? I asked The Phi if she would draw a family portrait for the blog and she was very excited to do it for us. I think she did an excellent job and since she turned in her commissioned work she asked me everyday if it had gone up on the blog yet....more

Time for Your Sound Bath- Integratron

I was born and raised in California. I love this state. Golden State for Life Yo! ...more

Johnson's® 3 Step Regimen for Healthy Hair #NoMoreTangles

This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with Johnsons® No More Tangles® and Latina Bloggers Connect. Hair is a big deal in our house. Every time I get my hair cut people always comment on how thick and long it is ....more

2014 Talent Show Champs!

See that trophy? It is now proudly displayed in our house. (yes it is my Tio's little league trophy from 1978) Why you ask? ...more