Homeschool Week 19: Fremont and The Ranch

So for the record I skipped last weeks recap. It totally slipped my mind and to be honest it was a very easy week. No big projects to speak of ....more

Dirt Road Diary: Calico Ghost Town

After off-roading in the Calico Mountains we headed over to Calico Ghost Town. Since Phi is studying the mining era of California history we knew this would be a great place to experience a mining town....more

Sponsored Post: Getting Through the cold and Flu Season with PediaCare

This is part of a sponsored campaign with Latina Blogger Connect and the maker of PediaCare®.However, all opinions expressed are my own. It is officially cold and flu season. Ugh! ...more

Dirt Road Diary: Calico Mountains (Mule Canyon Road)

The Muddy Buddy crew had a great off-road adventure last weekend. It was really an off-roading / homeschool field trip. I love when we can make our adventures educational ....more

Flip N Fantastic

I remember the day Flip came into our lives. It was 2004 and Joey and I had just moved into our home. We were at a PetSmart just wandering when we walked into a pet adoption event ....more

What's Your Color Name?

Lately I have overheard Louie asking people..."What's your color name?"Of course people have no idea what she is talking about. Some people ignore the question and others will just throw a color at her. What she really means is 'what's your middle name?' ....more

Homeschool Week 17: Alta California Gold

Language Arts: Phi is starting a new book that goes perfectly with her social studies/history lessons. This is a book I have never read before and I am reading along with her. This story is about a young boy named Jack and his butler Praiseworthy ....more

Phi Calling Orson. Come Eat Orson!

Last weekend the girls asked us we could wander Petco. We obliged and we walked around and looked at the fish, turtles, snakes, hermit crabs, birds and ended in the small animal (aka rodent) section. Here Phi fell in love with the hamsters ....more

A Chicana Role Model

When I heard the news that author and poet Michele Serros passed away after battling cancer I cried. A lot. I did not know Michele personally ....more


My 2014 photo project is complete.. #365grateful from Elissa Lerma on Vimeo ....more