My Phi is Going to Junior High so Let's Reminisce

I think another reason I am not ready for the school year to start is because this year is going to be a transition year for Phi. She is going from home-schooled to a regualr everyday junior high school. Just the thought of it makes my stomach hurt with nerves ....more

We want our August back.

10 weeks. That's all my kids go for summer vacation this year. And as I start adding school orientation and school clothes shopping into my planner I feel like we are getting ripped off ....more

Day Date, Four Chords and a Gun

So you know that character from the show "Big Bang Theory" with the lisp?...more

An Added Bonus...

Louie and our CEO Jessica= BFF's I am not a stay-at-home Mom, I am not a work from home Mom. Instead I have always labeled myself as a "Mom from Work Mom."...more

Sea World with the Girl Scouts

Chances are you bought girl scout cookies earlier this year. You may or may not wondered where that money goes. Well for each box you buy about $1 goes straight to the troop you bought it from ....more

Bass Lake 2016

This was our 29th year at what to the Gomez family is the happiest place on earth, Bass Lake, California. This year we went about a month earlier than usual and we rented a house on the North side of the lake near Falls Beach. As we counted down the days until vacation our only concern was water levels ....more

Birthday Trip Day 3: The Monterey Bay Aquarium

The big event of the birthday trip was a day at the Monterey Bay Aquarium complete with a behind the scenes sea otter tour. We were all very excited! We walked in and they gave Joey, Phi and Louie the cutest birthday buttons ....more

Birthday Trip Day 2 Continued: The Road to Monterey Bay

For Joey and Phi's birthday the plan was to drive up to Monterey Bay, Ca. And not the quickest way possible, but the most picturesque route. We hopped on Highway 1 and settled in for a long but gorgeous trip ....more


Last week my Tia Mary tagged me on one of those "post 5 pictures for 5 days" things that was suppose to show the strength and love of marriage. I told her the moment she tagged me that she would regret it. Now this is me and Joey ....more

Birthday Trip 2016- Day1-2 Morro Bay

This year for Joey, Sophia and Louie's birthday we opted for a trip instead of gifts and a party. ...more