I Have Always Wanted To Try This: Embroidery on a Photo

I have seen some artists who take black and white photos and add color by embroidering it onto the image. I love embroidery and photography and I had been dying to try this. My Nana recently took a trip to Arizona to visit family and someone gave her some awesome photos of her younger years ....more


Her birthday is always the toughest to wrap my head around. Today my Chone turns 17 years old....more

Louie Misses Phi

So we have been in school for a few weeks now. We are starting to get into a routine and I have to admit that I am missing homeschooling Phi. I feel like I only really see her for 3 hours a day.Insert sad face emoji here.As much as I miss Phi during the day, Louie is taking it the hardest ....more

Miracle Hamster

I thought for sure last weekend was going to end with a dead hamster in my freezer.Let me explain.Joey was gone last weekend working on his car. (Don't even get me started on this damn car project!) So it was just me and the girls. We slept in on Saturday with plans to head into Palm Springs for the day and meet friends for dinner ....more

I Cried More Than When She Went to Kindergarten

Like lots of California kids, my kids went back to school this week. Back to school is always stressful and gives me lot of anxiety but nothing was like this year. See Phi has been at a small charter school homeschool program for the last 3 years ....more

It's Baby Season

Yesterday I went to my best friend Sam's baby shower. She is due at the end of September with her second child. ...more

How Many People Does it Take to Paint an Entire House? 15 apparently.

Who could make us drive for 5 hours each way to spend two days painting a house and moving from one town to another? The baby of the family that's who.Last weekend Elaine and Kelly moved into their first, we own the place, home. As you can imagine it is super exciting ....more

My Phi is Going to Junior High so Let's Reminisce

I think another reason I am not ready for the school year to start is because this year is going to be a transition year for Phi. She is going from home-schooled to a regualr everyday junior high school. Just the thought of it makes my stomach hurt with nerves ....more

We want our August back.

10 weeks. That's all my kids go for summer vacation this year. And as I start adding school orientation and school clothes shopping into my planner I feel like we are getting ripped off ....more

Day Date, Four Chords and a Gun

So you know that character from the show "Big Bang Theory" with the lisp?...more