Sesame Street: Still Teaching Me Things 40 Years Later

A few weeks ago someone asked me if there was a special book from my childhood. I thought of a book immediately. Then they asked if this book helped me learn a life lesson and I immediately thought ...NO.My favorite book when I was little was. ....more

Junie B. Jones- The Musical Cast Album

As you may or not may know, reading is my thing. I love it. And I am doing everything I can make my kids book lovers ....more

A Visit with the Otters

My sister lives near Morro Bay. And Morro Bay is where sea otters like to hang out. And if there is one thing Louie loves more than anything it's sea otters ....more

Ellie's 1st Birthday

It feels like yesterday when we got the code word and my little sister Elaine went into labor. But it has been a whole year. Since The El's was born right after the new year, my sister combined the birthday party with a family New Year's Eve slumber party ....more

Family Pictures

On Christmas Day, since the whole family was together we had to get a photo. As you can imagine getting a photo of 15 people and dogs is not easy. The outtakes are usually my favorite... ....more

Christmas Morning

The Gomez family all got together Christmas morning at Mom and Pops in Santa Barbara. The tree was packed with presents! It was Ellie's first Christmas! ...more

Noche Buena 2016

This year the family got together at Casa Chavez. As usual it was a tight squeeze but when your family is as big as ours there is no way around it. And really there is no other way I would want it ....more

The Guy Sure Looks Like Plant Food To Me

My amazing, smart, beautiful talented niece was recently in her high school production of "Little Shop of Horrors". I was so very bummed that I could make it to see her. I love watching my niece act ....more

We Got A Dog!

We searched and searched and the stars finally aligned. Over Thanksgiving weekend we headed back from Santa Barbara early and made a trip out to Riverside to the Mary S. Roberts shelter ....more

Puppy Heartache

It has been over 5 years since we have had a dog. About a year ago we thought that maybe we could open our hearts to a new dog. In the last month we have been actively looking on-line ....more