R5 at the Greek

A few weeks ago a blog that I follow had a giveaway for tickets to the R5 concert at the Greek Theatre. I knew that the girls liked R5 and I knew that they were a teeny bopper Disney band. I entered over at Kinda Silly Mommy...more

Homeschool Week 1: Bears Are Real

So this year we have decided that our lives were not complicated enough this school year we are homeschooling both girls. This will be the only year that we do this so we have committed to it and have dove in head first at full force. So this year our Homeschool Weekly Recaps will show both girls work ....more

Because Of Course It's A.....The Big Gender Reveal

We had a lot to celebrate over the weekend. The first exciting event was the big gender reveal. My little sister Elaine is 21 weeks pregnant and had just had her big 4 month ultra-sound ....more

I Don't Think I Can Do This

I must have thought those words about 100 times over the last couple of days. I knew coming into this school year that it would require some adjustments. We were going from homeschooling 1 kids to 2 kids ....more

First Day Jitters

Summer is now over....more

The Dreaded Period Talk

Oh the joys of being a Mom to girls. At the girls last doctor's appointment I asked the doctor when it was time to start the menstruation talk with Phi. Since I "became a woman" at 11, turns out the time is now ....more

Dirt Road Diary: Black Mountain Fire Tower

Last weekend we took a last minute off-road trip up Black Mountain Road near Idyllwild. We have taken this trail before and it's so close to the house, it's one of my favorites. This time Uncle Matty wanted to take us up to the Fire Tower ....more

LACMA: Levitated Mass

On the last Friday of our vacation we wanted to do one more fun adventure. We were trying to figure out where we should go when Phi walked into our room and said "I feel like going to an art museum". Well you don't have to ask us twice when it comes to art museums so we decided to use the kids NextGen cards at LACMA....more

I Was On a Podcast! Verve: Stories from Your Neighbor

Guys I am so excited to share this with you! A little while back my friend Mike from high school contacted me. Mike and a friend were starting up a podcast called Verve: Stories from Your Neighbor.I was super flattered that he would think of me after all these years, but I didn't think I had a story to tell ....more


We wait all year and then the big Bass Lake vacation comes and the next thing I know I have been back at work for a week and I can't believe it's already over and I am writing up a recap and writing down the first day of school in my organizer....more