LA Auto Show 2015

Living in a house filled with girls (even the hamster is a girl) you would think that Joey's weekends are filled with Hello Kitty conventions, princess parties and American girl doll salon appointments. And sometimes it is! But just like the girls share their Mom's love for crafting, baby sea otters and boy bands, they also share their Poppa's love of cars ....more

Homeschool Week 13:Turkeys in Disguise, Igloos and Stomach Acid

Louie Language Arts: Louie was stoked to have a week all about the letter "Ll". Of course she thought it would be all about Louie! Instead is about llamas ....more

Grandpa Andy

When Joey and I got married I was not sure if I would change my last name, hyphenate it or take his. Then during all the wedding planning the topic came up and very sincerely Joey asked that I take his name. He said that it was important to him ....more

Week 12: The Ultimate Battle: Otter vs Hamster and Tendons

Louie Language Arts: This week was about the letter "Oo". Louie loved this because otter starts with O and this kid loves sea otters. She also worked on ending sounds of words ....more

Dirt Road Diary- Joshua Tree / Old Dale Mining Road Part 2

So when we last left off we had been stuck behind an incredibly slow car and had finally made the turn onto Old Dale Mining Road. For about the first 30-45 minutes of the trip the road were sandy but smooth. So much that the girls both fell asleep ....more

Homeschool Week 11: Rock and Roll All Night and Party Everyday

This week was special because Momma had a business trip one afternoon was spent with Grandma doing homework. They loved the change of pace. Louie Language Arts: This week was about the letter "Kk" ....more

Dirt Road Diary: Joshua Tree / Old Dale Mining Road Part 1

Over my birthday weekend Joey asked what I wanted to do. I knew that I wanted to take a trip out to Joshua Tree. I wanted to see more of the park and do some off-roading ....more

Homeschool Week 10: Love for Lungs and Cali Not So Much For Spiders

Louie Language Arts: The sentence of the week was "Bubbas Blasts Beastie Boys Before Bedtime". Bb is for Beastie Boys. We started this week with a little "Fight For Your Right to Party" video watching ....more

Pumpkin Patch Scavenger Hunt 2015

I love taking the girls to the pumpkin patch every year. The problem is that over the years our local patch has become quite popular. So much that on weekends they now charge admission and it is so packed that it's just not fun ....more

Homeschool Week 9: Foo Fighters, Hooting Owls, Pumping Hearts

Louie Language Arts: This week we worked on the letter Ff. Now I don't know why we didn't think of this sooner but we decided to us some good ol' rock and roll. Basically we watched a lot of Foo Fighters videos ....more