prosciutto + melon salad

I”m sorry this post isn’t full of gorgeous photographs or even very long. I’ve kind of been taking the month off. I’ve definitely been cooking and eating , but most of all I’ve been spending time with family ....more

earthquake in central italy – donations

I’m writing this post from Umbria, where two nights ago we were woken up in the middle of the night by the strong tremors that wrought devastation...more

where to eat in torino : new app

Who else is going to Torino for the Salone del Gusto and Terra Madre? I am for sure!...more

osteria novecento {umbria}

Our summers in Umbria are fairly predictable. Sleep late, take walks, hang out by the pool and eat a lot of tomatoes from our garden. Every so often we get up enough energy to head out to dinner ....more

lake como {a few suggestions}

This summer we didn’t really take a formal vacation. And by that I mean getting on a plane and going somewhere far away. Instead we took several long weekends which I have to say is way less stressful ....more

making ricotta {video}

I know a lot of you are justifiably proud about making ricotta in the comfort of your own home. And if you are, chances are you are using this recipe from the New York Times. It’s a great recipe ....more

il palagio + irene {florence}

I don’t make a habit of eating in hotels. I think this bias dates back to my days driving around Europe with my father in the back of our Fiat 128. Although I was only 12, I was already the master of learning how to navigate our family to the best places to eat using......more

zucchini + arugula {salad}

Do you have situations in your life when you meet someone out of your ordinary daily routine and you learn something new? People you usually wouldn’t come across, but when you do, they manage to surprise you with a new thought, action or opinion that just expands your world in some way? We just spent......more

saveur blog award 2016 nominations

Thanks to your love and support I won the Saveur Blog Award for Best Culinary Travel Coverage last year. I know it doesn’t seem possible, but an entire year has passed. (is it me? ...more

eating + drinking outside {florence}

One of the questions I get most often when people ask me about restaurants in Italy is where can they eat outside? Sometimes, for instance at the beach, it’s a given. Other times, like in Rome, you have to pick and choose where things like trafficked roads need to be factored in ....more