marzapane {rome}

Almost from the first night it opened in 2013, this pocket-size restaurant has become one of the most difficult tables in town to book. In a male-dominated industry, 25-year-old chef Alba Esteve Ruiz, formerly chef of appetizers at Spain’s celebrated El Celler de Can Roca, created something rather out of the ordinary. With only a......more

ristorante al covo {venice}

Sometimes I’m so caught up in trying out new restaurants, that I don’t visit the older, established places as often as I’d like. It wasn’t always like this. Up until a few years ago, the restaurant scene was very stable in Italy ....more

pasta + octopus

Last week, at the farmer’s market, I arrived early so that I wouldn’t miss out on the fish. While all the other stands usually have more than plenty to sell throughout the day, the fish stand comes in from the coast with the day’s catch. You never know what he’ll have but one thing is......more

making panzerotti {barivecchia}

There are a lot of things here in Italy that I never bother to make at home because they are just so mucy easier to buy in stores. Pizza Bianca is one of those here in Rome. And so is fresh pasta ....more

seared broccolo romano {soup}

Some of my favorite recipes are the ones that provide me with an ‘aha’ moment. The recipes that make me think: I would have never thought of that! What a great idea! ...more

massimo micheluzzi {glass + venice}

When we were up in Venice a few weeks ago it wasn’t all about the food. Even though I was busy updating Eat Venice, what we had really come to do was meet Emma and see the architecture Biennale. While most of you know me as someone whose life revolves around food, I also have......more

jerusalem artichokes + sage

Every year we kind of forget about our crop of Jerusalem artichokes. They blossom in the summer, with the flowers looking like sunflowers. Then the flowers fade, the stalks dry out, and we make a mental note to dig up the roots in the fall ....more

ceramic museum {deruta}

I realize that most people head to Deruta to shop. With hundreds of small workshops making – and selling – some of the most beautiful hand painted ceramics in Italy, it’s hard not to spend money. Some people I know (and I’m not naming any names here, but you know who you are) will even......more

pumpkin pasta + liver sausage

Remember I told you I had pumpkin on the brain lately?...more

happy thanksgiving {2014}

May your day be filled with bounty, family and friends. Thank you from Rome and from the bottom of my heart for your support and enthusiasm. Happy Thanksgiving!! ...more