last minute ideas {thanksgiving}

Some years I do Thanksgiving. Some years I don’t. (It’s just not a Italian holiday, and I swing both ways) This year we are on ....more

castello di ama {tuscany}

When my friend Maria comes to town…I’m usually not here. It’s like fate or something crueler, but whenever Maria (who travels almost constantly for work) ends up in the city where I actually live, 9 times out of 10 I’m away for some reason or other. Last week, when I got an email from Maria......more


Even though I didn’t...more

coccorone {montefalco – umbria}

Most of my Umbrian life happens in the summer. Very long, sun-filled days punctuated by lazy lunches under the pergola and dinners around the pizza oven. When we go out to dinner, we tend to stick close to home, visiting old favorites to avoid a long drive home in the dark ....more

broccoli carbonara-ish {pasta}

I know this is not really anything at all like carbonara, but I just couldn’t come up with...more

baked ricotta + poached pears

I didn’t really plan to make this dessert. It mostly happened due to laziness. I was half thinking of making a ricotta crostata for dessert last Sunday ....more

kale + grape + pear {salad}

This post is more or less an excuse to share some autumn love. Fall is my favorite time up in Umbria. It’s the time of year when it’s equally tempting to stay inside by the fire, or take long walks in the crisp air outside ....more

da enzo {rome}

I’m a sucker for a lost person. It’s very hard for me to pass by a tourist, holding an old fashioned paper map, and looking utterly confused as they turn the map in circles while looking up, trying to find a street sign. Even though Rome is not that big, it can be more than......more

butternut squash + farro {soup}

I’m a big fan of working with what you have. Mostly, this has to do with the fact that these days I’m so busy that it’s hard to plan ahead to dinner time. That’s why I usually just make one run to the farmer’s market on Sunday, and then work from there for the rest......more

farnese villas + palaces

We’ve all heard and read...more