Coping with Grief During the Holidays

The Elizabeth Hospice It is 3 p.m. the Friday before Thanksgiving. You have a sense of the days passing by with nothing to show for your efforts. You have a need to accomplish so much before Thanksgiving Day. You are tired, wish this was not happening and cannot wait for it all to be over. Sound familiar?...more

One Ask Act of Love

The Elizabeth Hospice - One Ask Act Of Love...more

Two Stories of Grief and Healing Honoring National Grief Awareness Day

 August 30th is National Grief Awareness Day.  Two women shared their journey of healing with us in the hopes of helping others who are grieving the loss of a loved one. ...more

Caregiver, Wife, Mother

While it is true that most of us wear an assortment of hats throughout our lives, what happens when we take on the responsibility of wearing more hats than we can manage to balance on our heads? This may be your scenario if you, like many baby boomers, have an elderly parent who needs end-of-life care, plus a husband and maybe even children at home. Since cloning yourself is not an option, how do you pick and choose how to divide your time among all these people who need you? Your maternal instinct is telling you to care for everyone, but is that realistic?...more

5 Insights On Communicating With Caregivers

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Long Distance Caregiving Tips

More than 7 million Americans identify themselves as long distance caregivers. If you are the only caregiver and far away, these tips will help you to provide a unique level of care for your loved one, no matter the distance.Collect Important Information about your loved one. Organized info, including your loved one’s medical, dental, financial, legal and insurance can prove to be a big help in preparation for an unexpected crisis. Financial RecordsA detailed list of assets and any debts accrued...more

Moving In

When the time comes for your loved one to move out of their home and into a place where adequate care can take place, there are many questions to consider. As our loved ones age; disabilities, illnesses and other problems arise that present the dilemma of where to move them. In this time of economic uncertainty many caregivers are having their loved one move in with them. Before this can be done, it’s important to think carefully about living arrangements and how they will affect your daily life and family....more

Understanding And Coping With Alzheimer’s

September is recognized as World Alzheimer’s Month. This dedication is a reminder to our community, our nation, and most importantly our world about the familiar yet, often misunderstood illness. Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease that has no known cure, although there are treatments and pharmaceuticals that can reduce the symptoms temporarily.The best way to help those with Alzheimer’s, is to be aware of “early onset” and  the gradual increase of signs and symptoms associated with the disease. The Alzheimer’s Association gives the following 10 warning signs:...more

Traveling with an Elderly or Disabled Loved One

As many schools across the country get ready for “summer break”, vacation plans begin to enter their final stages. While vacations are a period of fun and relaxation, they can be a source of stress and frustration for millions of adults. Those who have not prepared to navigate the challenges that accompany traveling with an elderly or disabled loved one may find the excursion to be a disaster. In order to give yourself the best chance at having a truly enjoyable vacation with your loved ones we recommend following these tips:...more

20 Tips for New Caregivers

Caregiving is a stressful and demanding job and to complicate matters, most new caregiving situations have a very quick onset giving the caregiver very little time to prepare for their new role.  As a result, many caregivers may not fully prioritize their own health. Caregiver health may in fact be the most important priority of all, but it is easily overlooked when one is constantly caring for another while also trying to balance the challenges of a busy life....more