The Stones

The stones lining my pockets and weighing down my heart Disseminated superficial actinic porokeritosisAnkylosing spondylitisEssential tremorPerseverationMenopauseMelanomaMigraineAutismWidowBereftAloneAgain...more

Be Ginger Rogers: how to talk to widows and others who are grieving

“The middle of the produce section was not the place that I wanted to perform my dance of grief” ...more

Husbandless Wives


It was a dark and stormy morning.

This essay aired 30 April 2010 on NPR affiliate WVPE-FM .  Audio available at:   Facebook is my grown-up playground where, in the comfort of my home, I meet friends old and new to share information, tell stories about our lives, and generally have a good time.    These encounters are, by turn, fun, interesting, and sad; som...more

Chronicle of a Death Told in Facebook Postings

Elizabeth Van Jacob and Scott learned that, like creatures from a horror movie, Scott’s tumors have again repaired themselves and grown significantly. Scott will no longer receive treatment for his condition....more

Your love shines fiercely.


Poking Around the Vermont Country Store Catalog, or The Vibrator Essay

The latest issue of the Vermont Country Store catalog had the most surprising two-page spread. ...more