Thoughts on leaving (and puppies)

In a few hours, I'll be driving out of Dallas five years after arriving with a Ford Explorer full of clothes, no place to live and a three-month internship. I moved here in a state of total chaos hoping that life post-college would super fun and easy. Erroneous. Arriving on a Sunday night in 2008, I started interning at Southwest Airlines the next morning as a technical writer. Without a permanent place to live, I bounced around and lived out of a suitcase. For a few weeks I was even living in my friend's empty apartment on an air mattress that deflated every night around 2 AM....more

Someone should have told me....

You worked really hard to get your job and thought it was going to be fulfilling and exciting, but you’re miserable. So now what? This advice is for people who want to throw their computer out the window most days (aka the story of my post-college life). These are things I either wish I had known, or knew and wish I had taken more seriously when I graduated college.Toughen up. High school and college prime you for how special you are....more

Moving to Europe

Moving to Spain didn't happen overnight; it evolved over the course of a year and took many differents shapes (au pair, international student, writer, etc.) and places (France, Italy, Chile, etc).Now that I've decided to teach in Spain through the CIEE program, I feel good about my decision. It's risky, yet safe. (I am moving with a friend and will have a roommate.) Crazy, yet practical. (I'll be paid a salary and have health insurance, which I need for obvious reasons.)...more
@Geri Dreiling  Thank you so much! I am so sorry for my late response. I got placed in Madrid ...more

Detox Berry Smoothie

Another week, another smoothie recipe! Most nutritionists recommend eating berries and dark leafy greens daily, and this is an easy way to get both. Also, I love the extra texture that the rasberries add to the smoothie. Enjoy!Originally posted here: