Too Many Thoughts

“The mind is a phenomenal servantand a horrible task master.” If your mind seems to have a mind of it’s own, then which end of this saying are you on?Meditation is the hot thing now, even though it’s been a performance optimizer and success strategy for thousands of years. Fortune 100 CEO’s are hiring meditation coaches now, and that’s putting it back on the map, along with the yoga explosion....more

Your Personal Placebo-Nocebo Effect

 Our minds are so powerful; our beliefs so pivotal.Most of us know about the placebo effect — the phenomenon in which healing occurs in patients or research subjects because they expect it, though they have received a sham or substitute treatment incapable of promoting the healing that in fact occurred.  Fully one third of positive treatment outcomes in all branches of medicine, complementary as well as biomedical, are attributed to the placebo effect....more

Leaving Traces in Your Brain

Day after day, your mind is building your brain.  So what are you thinking about, obsessing about?  What are you enjoying every day?Due to a concept known as Neural Darwinism – “survival of the busiest” –  whatever captures your mindshare dominates your brain changes. Actually, with every thought and feeling you teach your brain WHAT to think about, and HOW you should feel. Turns out that old meditation saying is a scientific fact: “you become what your mind rests upon.”...more