How to Throw a Mother's Day Eve Party

Mother’s Day Eve is the night before Mother’s Day -- and a night for you moms and your pals to get what you need -- each other. Planning a Mother’s Day Eve can be as easy or as over the top as you want to make it. The idea is that women across the country are all participating. Some of us will take that evening all to ourselves and run a bubble bath and do some reading, and some of us will call our girls and go out together. ...more
My best girl friend lives 400 miles away in Los Angeles, but we're planning a Mother's Day Eve ...more

Mother's Day Eve: This Party Is Just for the Mamas

Holy cow, I have invented a holiday: Mother’s Day Eve®. And you are invited. I started Mother’s Day Eve® because relationships with other moms gave me strength. My community made tantrums and tired days into something funny, bearable and doable. They made the great moments meaningful because they were shared. ...more
I love this. ^_^ Love a positive way to put aside all the judging and just celebrate that we are ...more