Sunday Night Sleep Syndrome

Ever find yourself unable to fall asleep on Sunday night?  You lie in bed, wide awake, thinking about work (or school or whatever makes Monday different for you than the weekend).  Well, this past Sunday night, I slept wonderfully!  I guess that's what happens when you find yourself "inbetween jobs".  Perhaps I should be worrying about finding a new job but it's only been one week so maybe that is yet to come....more

Stress will kill you.

Stress will kill you.  That's what they always say.  They.  Ok, anyway, in a weird turn of events, I have been able to grow my fingernails this week.  Seriously, it's like this week, all of a sudden, my fingernails have grown about 3mm.  I guess that doesn't sound like very much, but it's fingernails we are talking about here....more


Well, here we are - Day 2 of this blogging business.  This feels very therapeutic.  I hope it's working :-)...more

Today's the day I'm starting a blog

So earlier this week - specifically Monday - I got laid off.  Somehow that seems to minimize the impact of what actually happened.  I was fired.  "without cause" - which means 2 things:  (1) I got severance (2) they had no reason for firing me....more
Welcome! The best way to get started on your blog is to check-out our Blog Series "How to Blog ...more