Turkish coffee

As I told you before here  I am currently in Turkey enjoying the atmosphere, the food and, as you will see in the photos, Turkish coffee....more


I’m saying it again : travel ! It’s one of the most important things in life and it can do wonders for you being happy ! We are lucky to be part of a world so big and with so much diversity. The world is beautiful and each person and situation you will encounter can teach you something....more

Don’t wait for it !

I am a big fan of “How I Met Your Mother” sit-com, which unfortunately will end next Monday. :( I’m sure I’m going to cry like a baby watching  this last episode. :)Probably you know Barney from this show and his famous line Legen – wait for it – dary, right?This is a funny line and all, but what I mean is that a lot of us are stuck in this wait for it time for…ever.:)...more

Turkish breakfast

I looove breakfast! :)But my husband loves it more than me, especially when I prepare it in his country’s style, which of course happens a lot, especially in the week-ends.I will describe it according to my knowledge, which is not so limited, even if not born there, I always say ” I’m almost Turkish!” :)From the health point of view, this is one of the most nutritious ways you can start your day....more

Important facts about exercise

  If I ask you right now, what is the reason you work out (or you would) what would be your answer?            Better body?            Muscles and improved looks?            Health?            Of course, all of them good answers, true, and very important for our lives. But there is something more: the impact on our brain and psychology....more