Menopause Life’s Cycle and Loss

On July 6th, I received that dreaded phone call. My beloved Mom passed away in Tucson, Arizona.Mom started having trouble breathing earlier in the day, and then at approximately 2 in the afternoon, just stopped breathing as she sat in her TV chair. She had what one would call a blessed passing. She did not suffer, it was peaceful....more

Menopause Infographic - Loss of Libido

Do you find yourself suddenly needing to mop the kitchen floor or organize the recycling when your spouse suggests it’s time for bed, hoping he or she will have fallen asleep before you get there?...more

Menopause Infographic - Weight Gain

Welcome to the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Pants!If you’re anything like me, you woke up one morning and suddenly nothing in your closet fit. Has an alien mysteriously entered your closet during the night and shrunk all your clothes?...more

Menopause Infographic - Brain Fog

You’re in the middle of a conversation with a colleague, and lose your thought halfway through a sentence. You call your children by the dog’s name. (If you name your dog after your first born, you might save yourself some embarrassment!). Your desk is plastered with sticky note reminders....more

Menopause Infographic - Bitchface

One minute you’re screaming at a colleague to get that project done now! The next you’re in tears over a cat food commercial. WTF is going on? Women often hear the word “emotional” used interchangeably with “hormonal,” and it’s not usually a compliment....more

Menopause Infographic - Dry Vagina

Let’s face it, love can hurt. And I’m not talking about the he-left-me-for-a-younger-model-and-broke-my-heart kind of hurt. I’m talking about the physical pain that can be associated with intercourse during menopause....more

Menopause Infographic - Hot Flashes

Are you experiencing your own internal heat wave? Do you wake up at least once during the night in a sweat? Do you have to get out of bed, towel off, change clothes and then try to get back to sleep, only to experience a repeat performance?...more

Menopause Infographic - Insomnia

Are you Sleepless in Seattle? Does Disney’s Sleeping Beauty make you hostile? Does the sight of a blissfully snoozing infant make you weep? Do memories of teenage sleepathons that last 12 hours make you misty with nostalgia? Take heart, you’ve got a lot of company....more

Should You Try Transcendental Meditation?

After maybe a minute, I was quite sure that the 20 minutes was almost up. When was the last time I sat calmly for 20 minutes? I was perplexed by how relaxed I felt. I learned to let go and just "be," something not very familiar to me, or for that matter, our culture as a whole. That's when it hit me. Perhaps it wasn't just David who needed to learn to meditate. TM where have you been all of our lives? ...more
How cool! I'm a big fan of meditation. Like you said, it can change your life. I'll do great for ...more

Is Your Brain “Okay”?

Once in a while, when I can’t remember where I put my keys or forget someone’s name, I think about my brain, and wonder if I take good care of it. After all, it is one of our biggest organs, weighing about 3 pounds....more