Media Center Reveal

We did it! Built-ins Big Finish!The living room isn’t totally finished, so if you’ll excuse the last few pieces of trim I’m going to write this post as if it’s completed.  We’re going to be on vacation all week and I'm anxious to get this posted....more

My Budget Kitchen Makeover

Despite appearances, I don’t particularly love to spray paint., and at 10 PM Jason would rather be watching The Walking Dead than sanding trim. The dirty truth is, Diddy was right. When it comes to renovating houses, it’s all about the Benjamin’s. ...more

I Was Framed!

Framing the TV over the FireplaceWe're getting to the finish line on our mammoth media center project.  This weekend we threw a surprise party for my friend's 30th (that's right, folks, Jason and I had a baby-sitter!) so we had to get moving, unless we wanted people to see the giant hole in our living room.  There's nothing like throwing a party to set me in motion. This is what our living room looked like on Thursday:...more