Isagenix - Yes or No Thank You?

I'm thinking about doing Isagenix. It is hard for me to feel OK about entering into what I know is a "multi-layered" company, a.k.a. a pyramid scheme. On the other hand, a healthy smoothie for breakfast and extra energy throughout the day sounds really good to me. I can't find research on what this stuff actually does to your body. I've seen the before and after pics. Please - anybody out there who has tried it or knows anything about it - I would really appreciate hearing your thoughts....more

How to Grow Your Own Snack Garden

My husband and I both work full-time, which means weekday interactions with our children take place in the morning before 8am and the evening after 5:30pm.  Frankly, those times are not when I'm "at my best," nor are my children or my husband. We see each other when we're groggy eyed, somebody inevitably is still sleeping deeply and needs to be cajoled out of bed. Somehow, on the weekends, our children play a cruel joke on us by waking up way earlier than they do on school days. ...more

Dear Prudence

This post is about how and when I decided to get my yoga teaching certification (200 hours of training).  The story takes place during the first year of my first born's life, and the first year of my husband's PhD.  When my son was 6 weeks old we flew from Atlanta GA, where I had lived for 6 years and where my husband had lived his whole life except for 5 years during his collegiate studies. In Atlanta, we were leaving my sister, brother-in-law, young nephew, and my husband's parents....more

Emma Thompson and the Concept of the Happy Mom

Esteemed actress Emma Thompson recently took a one year sabbatical from her work because she wanted to focus on mothering her 14-year-old daughter. During the year, she taught drama at her daughter's school, cooked, and spent time with her.  I have read a lot of comments about this event which relate to the popular line, "what children really need is a happy mom." Then, of course, many people write in to say that they are happier as a working mom, or happier as a traveling mom, or happier as a SAHM, etc....more
TheBlackTortoise Thank you for your thoughtful comment - very good point about emotional and ...more

Do You Work in a Sensory Deprivation Tank?

Does your body have access to cues about natural rhythms during the day and night?  Ever wonder why a day outside in Central Park or Yosemite National Park feels so good? A day of skiing? Your body is craving cues to try to attach to natural rhythm, sometimes talked about as circadian rhythm.  I can't understand how access to sunlight is not included among our basic human rights and labor laws....more

Should I have a third child?

I have two healthy children. I have one husband.  I am 34 years old.  I live in a 2 bedroom/1bathroom apartment (rent in the bay area is insane).  We have a shared washer/dryer with the other 4 apartments in the building. I have 2 masters degrees and a steady job. My husband has 2 masters degrees, an "in-progress" PhD, and a steady job.   We have health insurance, life insurance, and are contributing to retirement accounts.  I have a small, but significant investment portfolio (my husband does not)....more

Fix it Before it Breaks

Today I got a cavity filled with no novocaine.  It didn't hurt a bit. I heard the drill, but I felt nothing. I'm not THAT good at meditating; my dentist told me that I wouldn't feel anything because the cavity was shallow. He said that if I had waited until it got deeper then I would have needed novocaine.  This kind of preventative care is the way I like to think about yoga.  Re-aligning your spine (and other body parts) isn't only exercise, it is also preventative care to keep you safe from future injury....more

My Medicated vs. Natural Births

I had the unique experience of giving birth with an epidural and then giving birth a second time naturally.  Many women who are trying to decide between these two approaches often ask me about the differences.  I also want to highlight the similarities.  Both births were in hospital settings with doulas.  Both labors were around 10 hours with no complications.  I have two healthy babies who were brought into the world a bit differently from each other....more

Moving to the 'burbs

We have moved homes and locations 4 times in the past 7 years.  The first move of the series was from Atlanta to Connecticut.  My son was 6 weeks old. I remember getting clearance from the pediatrician for him to fly on an airplane at such a young age. All of our moves have been challenging - such is the nature of moving with young children and 2 working parents.  But many of our moves have also been exciting. My favorite places where we have lived have been Atlanta and Boston....more

5 Tips for a Restorative Family Weekend

Remember the first time you went on vacation after you had become a parent? You expected vacation to feel like it did when you were just a couple - relaxing, restorative, and fun.  Back in the day, you wouldn't want the vacation to end - you never wanted to have to return to work!...more