One Pot Creamy Asparagus and Bacon (and Chicken) Pasta

Apologies for posting this pasta so close to the veeeeeeery end of asparagus season, but I wanted you to have it. I’ve been in a bit of a blog funk/semi-break and we also took a short vacation last week, so I’ve been more into having other people cook for me than doing it myself. Not a bad deal ....more

Grilled Chicken with Yucatan Spices

I’m not really one to conform to gender roles, but that...more

Root Beer Ice Cream

If my husband could marry an inanimate object, it would be a root beer float. ...more

Spiced Moroccan Chicken Wraps

I like to take leftovers to work for lunch as often as possible but, especially in the warmer months, I have such a hard time thinking of foods we actually want to eat that make good leftovers. Soup, Leftover King, doesn’t get made often when it’s hotter out. Pasta, while perfection, is not something ...more

Asian-marinated flank steak

My kids, as part of their lifelong goal to be extremely expensive investments, are in love with steak and lamb. My eldest, who will eat pretty much anything without complaint as long as it falls in the “edible” category, has started complaining about how “we eat chicken alllllll.the.time, Moooommm” and he is over it. Sorry, we’re not switching over to 7 days of red meat per week any time soon, kid ....more

Slow Cooker Southern-Style Chicken and Dirty Rice

For a blog that’s been around as long as this one (almost a decade!) written by a busy mom, you’d think there would be hundreds of crockpot recipes. That’s not the case because I tend to have a very difficult time finding good crockpot recipes. They either contain processed ingredients, turn to mush, or have unrealistic cooking times ....more

Herbed Fauxtisserie Chicken and Potatoes

I kind of love rotisserie chicken. And I’m not just talking about the kind you get at restaurants, food stands, fairs. I’m talking grocery store rotisserie chicken ....more

Skillet Chicken Shepherd’s Pie

I try to keep the foods in this blog fairly seasonally appropriate, but when you live in the Midwest you often experience all four seasons in a week, so that can be difficult. Last week, my son’s soccer practice was cancelled due to low temperatures and snow. A week later, he was playing a game...more

Chili Lime Peanuts

I recently made the brilliant decision to make a batch of tin roof ice cream. This meant buying peanuts, which we don’t normally keep...more

Open Kibbeh

I’m always one to plan varied dinners. I could eat the same thing for breakfast, snack, and lunch 99% of the time for some reason, but I like variety in my dinners. All that said, I’m pretty sure I could eat Middle Eastern food every single night and never tire of it ....more