Open Shelving: Dining Room

We finally got around to hanging the shelves I've been wanting in my dining room for the last year or so. ...more

Newborn Photos: Cuddly Baby Boy

Good gracious...aren't new babies the sweetest? ...more

Back to School Breakfast: It's About Time

School is officially in session! ...more

A Day of Golf and Pictures: Boys Fashion

Sometime back in March, when the weather was superb and the birds chirped and a light breeze blew through my hair...I took Q out for a golf photo session for Fly Little Guy. ...more

Baby Number Five

So as you have probably read, I am pregnant with my fifth. ...more

4th of July in Mexico

We went to Mexico for the 4th of July. ...more

Our Very Own Borrower House: Summer Activity

This summer the kids and I have been reading The Borrowers series. ...more

Simple Surf Party

Dennis turned a year older. ...more

DIY Fourth of July Shirts

Last year the kids and I made some awesome freezer paper shirts for the 4th of July, so I thought we would make a couple of new ones this year. ...more

Contributing to Boys Fashion

The boys and I have continued to enjoy working with Fly Little Guy, contributing to their blog on boys fashion...well actually I've enjoyed it. ...more