Fall's Twilight Look

While I was browsing through the style trends of Fall 2008, I came across the designs of Roberto Cavalli's Ready To Wear look and found it vaguely familiar. ...more

A neat tool for great looking heels

How many of you have split and cracking heels from wearing sandals all summer? I sure did. Yep, that's right ~ I said did. When I was visiting my mother in September, she showed me a neat little tool that I swear by now.   ...more

Applying mascara for amazing lashes

Personally, I feel so much better about myself when I have great looking eyelashes. There's something about the way they flutter as you blink. But, I never had any luck with getting the look I wanted until I learned a couple of tricks. ...more

That just so happens to be the only mascara that will do anything for my straight, short, blonde ...more