Travelogue | Chihuly Garden and Glass, Seattle

There’s a building in downtown Vancouver right between West Georgia and Alberni. On one side, there are several large colourful glass-blown flower sculptures encased in an enormous glass cabinet overlooking a series of fountains and shallow step pools. I’ve probably walked by it a million times to and from work, but it took me years to realize that this was artwork by Dale Chihuly ....more

Strawberry Sauce

A friend and I went on a fun berry picking adventure a few months ago when summer was still full of promise. The trek out to the farm took us through bucolic country roads in Ladner, over an old green wooden bridge and onto a charming island with green farmlands and I hear, a bird sanctuary. We got to work in the field picking strawberries and raspberries, and a few tayberries and black currants for good measure ....more

Roasted Potato and Cranberry Bean Salad

We’ve been a little obsessed with corn lately. We go to the farm market diligently on weekends and cart home ears and ears intensely sweet sweetcorn. In essence, this summer will go down as the one where we rediscovered corn! ...more

Herbed Green Rice

The last few days I’ve zoned out of real life, quietly engrossed in a novel. Does anyone else do this sometimes? The book is not particularly great, but the description of scenery and setting is so vivid and mesmerizing, I was lost in this beautiful imagery of a sublime faraway place ....more

Coffee Journal | Elm Coffee Roasters, Seattle

I’m due for a visit to Seattle; there’s a sweet baby boy I’m dying to meet and three young ladies, a little further east, I’m hoping to hang out with. I wanted to go this past BC Day long weekend but alas, life got in the way. Instead, I spent Saturday running errands all over the city ....more

Chickpea Wheat Berry Salad

I spent a few desperate hours in Berlin last year. I was wet and cold and miserable the whole time because of poor planning. It rained so hard I ended up wandering the aisles of Primark at Alexanderplatz looking for an umbrella ....more

Strawberry Rhubarb Simple Syrup

I feel like this happens every time this year, and yet it always takes me by surprise. And by this, I don’t mean this summery strawberry rhubarb simple syrup. Rather, it’s this sudden realization that we’re smack in the middle of summer, when really, it feels like summer just started ....more

Basil Garlic Scape Pesto

This pesto right here, and the bounty of fresh produce currently at the farmers’ market is one of the reasons why I’m holding out hope that this summer will be awesome. So far, we’ve had a kind of summer my mom calls wishy-washy, with emphasis on the washy. It’s rained regularly the past couple of weekends – it feels like that’s a thing now ....more

Travelogue | Palace of Versailles

I feel silly saying this now, but for years I’d been a little unenthusiastic about visiting the Palace of Versailles. I knew it was magnificent; I’d heard its grandeur was unlike anything I’d seen before. Yet tales of its splendour were usually tempered with woes of endless queues, overcrowded halls and expensive food ....more

Coconut Flour Summer Fruit Crumble

Summer is my favourite time at the market. There’s this air of rejuvenation with all those colourful produce packed stalls. It’s glorious! ...more