#BlogHer15 reentry: Straddling Two Selves

Many who attended and relished #BlogHer15 are writing now of reentry. Of recovering from the fatigue of being "on" during the conference (even though we certainly wanted to be just that) and dealing with long trips home. Of feeling somewhat misplaced, no longer in a community in which there is a sort of shorthand and a great deal of acceptance and understanding....more

#BlogHer15 Recap

Three years ago, on a whim two weeks before the opening keynote, I registered for the BlogHer '13 conference and bought a ticket to Chicago. I'd never heard of BlogHer before but needed to learn more about blogging and take a step toward something bigger. So I went west and my world grew bigger....more

Inside Out - a review of a magnificent movie

For the first time in a long time, the high expectations I had of a movie were exceeded. Inside Out is really excellent, and I urge you –especially all adults, teachers and parents- to make time for it as soon as you can.For those of you with kids eight and older, take them too. Younger children may enjoy the film – my youngest, who is six, simply said, “I liked it!”- but will probably miss many of the main points and lessons of this beautiful, wise story....more


The hot-catch Bachelor feigns somber nervousness as the final, trembling-lip Bachelorettes approach his stage. Teetering on stilettos and wrapped snugly in revealing duds, these women look like overeager Barbies. Their sparkly costume jewelry radiates the very hope in their hearts: each wants that rose....more

How To Teach Your Kids About Charitable Giving

Much earlier this year, an old and dear friend, SJ, gave each of my boys a Moonjar. It’s a three-part bank with dedicated compartments for saving, spending and sharing. ...more
TheBudgetBrainiac Thank you so much!! I really appreciate your note. Happy New Year! :)more

Black Lives Matter

Yesterday, after the announcement that the grand jury in the Eric Garner homicide case decided not to indict Daniel Pantaleo, the officer who killed Garner, a friend of mine shared this on Facebook:Black Lives Matter...more

Cranberries, an old funnel and Nanny: Thanksgiving is nigh

The hot cranberries are starting to burst. Steam building up inside each ellipsoid ultimately forces its taut magenta skin to explode, like a gum bubble that’s thinned to the point of failure. As they break open, their juices coalesce with those of the lemon and apple as well as the melted sugar, all of which swirls like lava around the pot. I love the pop-pop symphony that demarcates this stage of cranberry sauce making. It means not only that the cook must take care to avoid being splattered by hot innards but also that the finished product is at hand....more

First loves and pitiful pugs

Yesterday’s white shroud of a sky opened last night like a sail ripped down the middle, and the deluge of freezing water gushing through hasn’t stopped since. It is just a cold, wet mess of a day out there. As such, before Percy and I trundled off for our walk, I bundled us both up as best I could....more

Various and sundry things like nephews and poo

NephewsFirst, how precious is my little nephew? I will meet him in less than two weeks, and though getting out of town for my longest-ever trip away from the boys feels both Herculean and vaguely unsettling, this nugget is waiting for me on the other side....more

Prune NYC: a review

Have you read Blood, Bones & Butter? It is a superlative memoir written by Gabrielle Hamilton, chef-owner of Prune, a New York City restaurant that just celebrated its fifteenth anniversary. B,B & B was masterfully crafted, a result of or perhaps the natural entrée into the MFA in Creative Writing that Hamilton received before becoming a chef. It’s the kind of book I couldn’t put down and also one that has stuck with me since....more