A benign case of Stockholm syndrome? Some of what I’ve learned this summer.

Big Boys WeekWe touched down on the outskirts of my hometown knowing that eager arms waited close by to ensnare the three of us in warm hugs. From within that circle of loving embrace, profuse excitement bubbled up as if we were a magic cauldron whose power only worked when none of the five was absent. After a short, familiar drive, we walked through the back door and settled in, and it was clear that no time had passed; this truly was a second home. Is a second home....more

#Ferguson #Race #WhitePrivilege

              Last week, outside the gym locker rooms, I saw a friend. He’s a great guy, and I also love his wife. We met nearly four years ago when our children started kindergarten together. They are both incredibly successful professionals and their kids are the sort you meet and think, “What terrific kids!” Which of course also means, “What terrific parents.”...more
Parthenia Queen Thank you so much for reading and posting such a thoughtful reply. I agree with ...more

Holding on By Toes as Summer Comes to an End

People, my family has reached that point of summer where each of us seems to be devolving into punchy-gaga batshitness. The kids are playing an incredibly stupid game they just invented. It’s called Toucan and involves my couch, one of their “easy chairs” and two kids in underwear jumping over and into each other and then falling down. Obviously they’ve each already sustained injuries –  we had to ice Oliver’s butt – but have returned to the game immediately because they are that smart....more

A Case for Thorns: Beauty in Imperfections and Challenges

I awoke to my cell phone nearly vibrating off my night-table. Earplugs in, deep in slumber, I shot to a seated position, answered the call with what must have been a weirdly vague monotone and heard a cheerful voice asking if the boys were planning to attend camp today.“Of course!” Quick glance at my phone’s clock and a stunned realization that Tom and I had overslept by hours. “I am SO sorry we are late for the bus. Please leave without the boys, and I’ll drive them out to camp myself.”...more

The Abysmal American Prison System

I’ve been wanting to write about this subject for a long while now, but it’s a heavy, hard one and so has been repeatedly relegated to my “I’ll get to that soon” list....more

Reentry in the raw: home from BlogHer '14

In addition to BlogHer conference recaps, one of the most popular memes flooding Facebook and Twitter is the experience of reentry. Or, readjusting to normal life as it is beyond the inspired confines of 2,000 women giving themselves time to connect -with self and others- and focus and learn.The fact that this is such a common thread is, I believe, indicative of three important things worth consideration:...more

BlogHer '14 Day 2, AKA The Day I Stalker-Approached Elisa Camahort Page

Overwhelmingly inspired by the tidal wave o' information that rushed over me yesterday during Day 1 of BlogHer '14, I fell into a fast, deep sleep when my head touched down on the landing strip of Comfy Hotel Bed (CHB in airport parlance) last night. Actually, there was an interlude at The Grill which included an attempted dinner with my own bad self, a too-pungent crab cake and a guy who sat down at my table with no invitation beyond a single onion ring dropping from a butter knife hilt. Dude, please. I don't need saving! But I digress....more

A Room of My Own

Since we returned from a family vacation last month, I’ve tried to see one friend each day; I’m not at 100%, but overall my hit rate is terrific, and it’s been such a treat. This is yet another way that I’m working to better balance life, making time for leisure in addition to work, prioritizing myself in addition to my family and responsibilities....more

Needed: More Respect for Struggles with Mental Health & Motherhood

                I recently attended a food writing conference in Richmond. During one of the sessions, a panelist mentioned that in addition to her work for Eatocracy, she was also working on a book about mental health and her own anxiety and depression. I got the sense that public ownership and admission of that had been a long time coming, that she hadn't always felt the strength or support to do so....more

My grandmother's influence

I stood for a long while at the sink, washing and trimming the flat of strawberries from Sunday’s farmers market. In my left hand, between thumb and forefingers, I held one berry at a time. In my right, I gently gripped the handle of a paring knife and sliced the stem end off with a motion running towards my body. My hands worked together in a practiced way, the repetitive motions so unconsciously deft that when I plucked the last berry from the colander, I was surprised....more