Does Time Heal All Wounds?

Some people say that if you wait and you’re patient, you can recover from anything. There’s that old adage that time heals all wounds. But sometimes I do wonder about the truth in that statement. Does time heal all wounds? ...more

Placement Decisions: My Son Can Hear You

In making placement decisions for our children, I’m amazed by how little the elementary educators understand the impact their words have on our children. With my son in the room, they say things that they feel I should hear about him with very little tact and, at times, in a way made to make certain that I should know just how incompetent they feel he is. How should I express my discomfort during those times?...more

Brilliance at it's Best: My Son's Memory

I envy my son’s memory. Say what you will about autism and its hindrances, but he has some distinct advantages in life. Memory. That’s one thing he has in spades, though the school psychologist would have me believe otherwise. I’ll take the WISC-IV and throw it right out the window. Believe me, he has no problem in the area of memory.  ...more