Women in Motorsports

Scan the lists of drivers and riders in motorsports and you’ll see competitors from a diverse range of countries and backgrounds. Which is great – but with all that diversity one thing is seriously lacking - women....more

Does Technology Make Us Ungrateful?

Recently, I was browsing kitchen appliances online (rock and roll) when I stumbled across this e-book (click on the image and scroll to the bottom of the page). ...more

Pushy Parents and Competitive Camping: How Much is Too Much?

As a Brit, competitive camping is a world that I'm not privy to. American-style summer camps have only taken off in the last ten years and are not dictated by 150 year old traditions. As such, British camps like Camp Beaumont focus on high energy activities and skills-focused outdoor play. More often than not they are so action packed that there's little time to think about anything other than the itinerary. However, this month an article in the New York Times revealed the very strange behaviors of American parents who send their children to summer camp. ...more
@tea4tamara Sorry - didn't mean to belittle anyone - it's all speculative.more

Is Gender Equality Fair?

Whilst car insurance might seem like quite a dry subject you have to bear with me - it’s actually pretty interesting when viewed through the gender lens. In the UK, young blokes used to paid around 40% more than young ladies for their car insurance. Why? Well, according to statistical evidence, men are twice as likely to claim and 10 times more likely to have an accident. ...more