Raising a Little Man

Praying for Strangers

I am amazed at the blogging world. In a moment you come across a blog, a story, a prayer request and you feel instantly connected to them and they have no idea that you even exist. I have been blessed to pray for so many strangers through facebook, twitter and blogging. I consider it pure joy to pray for others and even more joy that sometimes I get to see the fruits of those prayers because of the internet. Here are a few blogs that I have been following and praying for, some for awhile and some just recently....more

The Homeless

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Plan B

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Droid Smartphone

erin mcgraw Well I have finally moved into the techno world of 2010, I got a smartphone.  My lame cell phone broke so I had to get a new phone.  I of course did not have to get a smartphone but I just couldn't resist the internet capability.  I have wanted an iphone for a while but we are die hard verizon fans, so I got the Droid ...more

Baby be Blessed Dolls

erin mcgraw Monday, February 15, 2010 Baby be Blessed ...more

Be the Match!!

A little over a week ago our church hosted a <a href="http://www.marrow.org">bone marrow</a> donor drive.  It was very powerful as 70+ people from our church signed up.  I have always toyed with the idea of being a donor, I know from several blogs I follow how critical the need is but I never felt that "God Moment" telling me to pursue it or maybe I did but I chose to brush it aside.  It was interesting when our pastor first mentioned it to the congregation, as he had become aware of a mother who knew someone in o...more

What encourage me

Monday, August 10, 2009 What encourages me ...more

Cool story

I found this <a href="http://bluejackets.nhl.tv/team/console.jsp?catid=705&id=37893">link</a> over at this <a href="http://tyleralfriend.blogspot.com">blog</a>.  Kyle's son Tyler is in remission from Burkitts and his dad blogs about it.  Not only does he keep everyone updated on Tyler, he is an advocate for childhood cancer and updates about others who are battling with the disease.  ...more

Heaven and Shamrock Shakes

This morning both my kids were into the topic of heaven. As we were leaving for school, Will asked me if they had power ranger movies in heaven. I told him that I thought there weren't but that heaven would be so much fun that it wouldn't matter if they had power ranger movies or not. Then later that morning Abby and I were in the car and passed a cemetary. She asked me about what cemetaries were again and I told her that it is where people are buried after they die. She then asked me if they were all in heaven now and I told her they were if they believed in Jesus. ...more