Day Twenty-Four - Fear

Day Twenty Four - Fear Hello Friends,If you’re looking for an update about Daniel today, this is not going to be it.  I can tell you, he’s doing well, still working hard at recovery.  But, we don’t have a lot of new news.  Wait… he did get his staples out and we are now starting to talk about moving him out of ICU.  However, no definite plans have been made, and he still has a ton of work to do.  But, he’s a fighter, and he’s getting it done....more

Day 40 - Pain

Day Forty - Pain Hi Friends, Here we are… day forty?  This is probably the hardest thing I have ever had to write.  Forget probably… definitely… is the hardest thing I have ever had to write.  But, in my promise to keep it honest… here goes: I saw Daniel briefly yesterday (and by briefly, I mean for a few hours, which isn’t nearly long enough for me at all).  He was very, very awake.  I walked into h...more

Day Sixteen - After Traumatic Brain Injury

Already Been Chewed

Morning Readers! Oh, I miss you guys!  But, I’m happy and things are going well with The Date again.  Playing Myrna on the couch and watching Sex and the City is every bit as fulfilling as I thought it would be.  To be honest, it’s pretty much better than I thought it would be.  I’d gush, but… you guys would hate that and so would he. So…. ...more

The Safety, The Amazon and The Blogger Have a Drink

The Saftey, The Amazon and The Blogger were having drinks one night. Wow, that sounds like an awesome start to a story. Lucky for me, it’s a true one. Easter Sunday found the three of us on my porch, having drinks and discussing how much it sucks, or doesn’t, to date these days. I got a lot of great fodder for the blog. I’m going to be writing a piece soon on women’s perceptions of themselves and how it affects what they think they want/need in a man. I’m also going to write a piece on dating from the gay perspective....more