The Day Skinny Found My Daughter

“Mommy, aren’t I skinny?!” I may have gasped. Skinny -- it’s stronger than you might think. It knocked the wind right out of me. Within seconds I was searching the file folders in my mind, sifting through pages of old conversations I’d had with her, near her, around her. I typed “Skinny” into my search engine. File not found. Skinny. Where did she hear that word? ...more
I don't have kids, but this made me tear up a bit — you know for that little girl inside all of ...more

Miley Cyrus Flippantly Disregards Construction Site Protocol

Written by Emily, Fourtuitous.comMiley. Miley. Miley.This time I TOTALLY understand the hullabaloo over your latest video. Irresponsible. Foolhardy. Impetuous....more