Eleven Comments on November

Wow!  This month started with a pledge to practice yoga daily, to write daily.  Tomorrow is December the first, and my aspirations of becoming a better version of myself weren't lost, thankfully.  Realizations have come on the page, in thought, in conversation.  I am changing. ...more

mtn mama: little moonbeam


R + R

On a gray evening last week, James and Josey dropped me off at the trailhead on their way to the grocery store.  I scurried onto the trail, feet crunching rusty leaves, eyes taking in periwinkle contrasted by dark, naked trees.  My belly feels bigger, waistband tight, as I bounce on the trail.  The scents and sensation of fall on the heels of winter set my mind free. Running ramblings, Round & Round, Rest + Relaxation, Ritual + Routine, Rhyme + Reason, Rules worth Remembering... ...more


  A late morning, complete with eggs & bacon.Sipping coffee, sippy cups. The three of us, getting our preferred late start. "Forget the phone & camera- just us," he says!...more

Face Type

Facebook came to life just as I was entering college.  Our large group of high school friends split up to conquer the world, smiles still connected online.  Years later, when we brush shoulders over the Holidays, catching up on the past couple years can be awkward.  Is it strange if we already knew the gist anyway?  We've seen relationships unfold and fall apart, babies born and grow up, career and travels, possibly without ever exchanging a comment, all because of the internet. ...more

Choir Chatter: Notebooks

Fed up with the scraps of paper/worksheets getting thrown in the trash, I wanted something that students would hopefully reference and grow from, so we began with notebooks.  After a positive experience last year, I recommend using notebooks in your choir or general music classroom, especially at the secondary level.  In the age of Common Core, incorporating writing is extremely important, and I’ve found that my students generally enjoy it.  ...more

mtn mama: fall back

We probably won't win parents of the month, but James and I went on a date in the big city last night (yes, the night after daylight savings) for a ski movie.  Snow had been swirling and lowering in the Bitterroots through the weekend only to see a couple flakes fly at our house.  It felt perfect, driving through fluffy flakes to Zootown!  Falling back into winter again, James' favorite season. ...more

Cheering NaBloPoMo...

I felt that time change today, did you?  This morning, I woke up with a headache and clenching jaw- and hurried out to my lavender yoga mat because my back hurt so bad.  I don't know if it's the new yoga routine, growing belly, or writers crunch/clenching my teeth.  Do you hunch when you write?  Good thing to check in on.  Imagine your shoulder-blades have butterfly wings. It's helping me!   ...more

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