Practical Math

There's an article from floating around titled Why Some Kids May Have Trouble Learning Left From Right. In it, the author talks about how this difficulty impacts various parts of life, and offers a few ideas of how to help them with this problem. Can muffins better math skills? ...more

Video Games at the Parking Ramp

One of the perks of attending a wedding at the local science museum was the opportunity to get free parking. They did this by setting out a bunch of free tickets once you got to the floor on which the wedding took place, and the only restriction was the need to get out of there by 9 am the next day.Unfortunately, we couldn't stick around to do much dancing, since most people in my party were exhausted already, my brother had a bit too much to drink, and the chest area of my dress ended up being tighter than I thought it would be, which lead to breathing problems.So, we grabbed a ticket, said our congratulationses and goodbyes, then hit the road. When we got to the booth, we found the machine turned off and the blockade bar lifted ....more

Appreciating Dyslexic Artists

Unique and beautiful - that's whatwe all are. I've always enjoyed arts and crafts. Creating something out of a set of materials is fascinating to watch and invigorating to do ....more

My Personal Ranking of Assistive Technology for Dyslexia

Reading can be hard for those of us with dyslexia. Even as a highly compensated adult, I struggle with certain formats and fonts. That said, I still love reading, and I think I always will.While nothing will replace traditional books, I've found myself reading more ebooks recently ....more

On Medication - Children

Another group commonly missed in clinical trials is children. Unfortunately, the most common tool mainstream doctors have at their disposal is medication.Although they can do wonderful things, many medications react unpredictably to the ongoing growth of childhood and the associated, often subtle hormonal fluctuations. Since clinical trials have been minimal, these reactions have only been discovered when experienced by families who depended on the medication as a way to help their little one cope with whatever symptoms had been bothering them.If some children need medication as much as some adults do, why haven't even common drugs been tested for their use?The biggest reason I could find for this horrific lapse is that the pharmaceutical companies didn't foresee profit being made from that demographic ....more

Beware the Carrots

Last Friday, my mom, brother, step-dad and I attended the Groom's Dinner for my youngest sister's Arr. Ye be warned. Carrocy be frowned upon in theseparts.By nist6dh (The Bait) [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons wedding ....more

Slow It Down

Last week gave me a lot to think about. Take a few moments to really see the world aroundyou. You may be surprised at what comes from it ....more

Gratitude for Public Education

In the US, today's a day to pause and reflect upon what we're grateful for in our lives, as well as spend time with friends, family and (hopefully) food.Today, and all days, I'm profoundly grateful to have been given the opportunity to get a free education. I was able to learn about language arts, math and a plethora of other elective subjects. Being female, I'm doubly grateful, since in many parts of the world the fact I was born into a female body would have eliminated any possibility of an education.The free part is extremely relevant, too ....more

Special Needs Does Not Excuse Deliberate Cruelty

There was a bit of a kerfuffle in the LD community on tumblr last week.Long story short, someone made a post about dyscalculia, someone with dyslexia made a reply in commiseration and someone with Asperger's replied to the dyslexic with an unprovoked, nasty comment along the lines of "learn how to spell".Naturally, this set off a thread of hurt responses. The dyslexic individual had the fact of their neurological makeup prominently listed under the description visible when one hovered the cursor over their name, as did the individual with Asperger's.As I read through all of that, I noticed two things:1. There's still a huge misunderstanding that all dyslexics develop at the same rate and manifest the same symptoms ....more

Counting Sheepies?

By 4028mdk09 (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons There are sometimes long periods of time where my brain seems to get stuck when it comes to certain parts of reading and writing. A few years ago, I automatically ended everything with an extra "e". I don't know why ....more