August 31 at 6:17 am

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Thank Heaven for Engineers

Specifically, my engineer, J. Yesterday, I found myself repeatedly whipped up into a froth over the situation in Ferguson. Even though I do not usually watch the news, I found myself transfixed by coverage of Ferguson when I turned on the television to put on an episode of The Wiggles for the kids ....more

Thinking About Ferguson, MO

Photo courtesy of Loavesofbread I am a white woman, and I do not know what to do or what to say about Ferguson, Missouri. My heart is broken for the young man who was shot to death in the street. (Yes, I know that he allegedly stole from a convenience store and pushed over a clerk who was half his size ....more

Thank You, Robin Williams

Image courtesy of Darsie Every night at bedtime, I tell LO the things I am grateful for. He and his brother and his daddy are always at the top of the list. Last night, I told LO that I was grateful for a man named Robin Williams ....more

I'm Clearly Unqualified For This Position

This morning, BB decided to crawl into the bathroom with me. Since I am a member of the over-connected generation, I was scrolling through Facebook on my phone. That's why it took me a second to realize that the sound I was hearing was splashing ....more

You Mean I Left the Bar for This?

At around 11 am on the day my dad passed away, a Catholic priest arrived at his hospital room to perform last rites. My father was not Catholic. He was not any particular religion, and he was definitely not Catholic ....more

Like Moths to a Flame

On Wednesday, LO had his second ever dentist appointment. We had a quite a difficult time convincing the young man to sit in the exam chair and let the dentist count his teeth. (We're still not quite ready for a cleaning.) To reward the young man for doing an excellent job of not biting anyone, the nurse filled up a yellow helium balloon for him, and tied it to his wrist ....more


Back in April, when LO and BB's Little Cousin (who is actually bigger than BB, but that's what happens when I come up with nicknames before all the heads are counted) was visiting, we were introduced to the show Peep and the Big Wide World. This show features Peep the Chicken, Chirp the Bird, and most importantly to LO, Quack the Duck. You see, Quack is quite the comic relief in this little ...more

A Glimpse Inside My Head

BB is named for my Dad (and is middle-named for an important Jewish automotive engineer. Just imagine my consternation when I told J he could pick out the baby's middle name and his response was "I'm thinking about something automotive or engineering related." I'm glad he went with the name he did, rather than giving our child the middle name "Formula One.") I love that I was able to name BB ...more

Our Bus Adventure...In Pictures

Waiting for the bus ...more