Throwback Thursday: You Can All Calm Down About Babies and Television

This piece of mine originally ran on Scary Mommy several years ago. I came across it today and wanted to share it again: ...more

Meet Me in St Louis

Earlier this winter, I was approached by St. Louis-based The Chad Slagle Show about doing a phone-interview guest spot for their television show. I happen to know that St ....more

This Must Be the Place

I've been having a tough time lately. I'm behind on a deadline and feeling like the worst kind of incompetent. (And of course, updating my personal blog does ....more

10 Ways I am Trying to Raise White Male Allies

After the expected but disheartening news that Officer Darren Wilson will not be indicted in the death of Michael Brown, a friend reposted this article from August on 12 Things White People Can Do Now in Reaction to Ferguson. Upon thinking about this, I've decided that I would like to add some things white parents can do to help raise allies. Because unless and until America as a whole is ...more

Whatever Happened to Cliff Huxtable?

When I was between the ages of about 5 and 7, one of my favorite things to do on rainy days was to ride my bicycle in circles around my father's apartment while listening to some of Dad's comedy records. While part of me can't believe Dad let me do this (although I understand anything that keeps a kid occupied and out of your hair on a weekend is a good thing), I mostly have nothing but pleasant ...more

A Memory and Its Codas

In 1985: ...more

More LOisms

Last night, LO asked J if he wanted to sit next to Mommy. "Yes, I'd like to sit next to Mommy," J replied. LO grinned and said ....more



I recently read the book Your Money or Your Life...more