Opus and the Great Green Room

LO and BB tend to cycle through favorite books. For a long while, LO requested Katy and the Big Snow every night. Some weeks, it's The Cat in the Hat ....more

August 31 and September 13

August 31 at 6:17 am 2015...more

Picture Day

Yesterday was picture day at the boys' school. I have long since given up on trying to dress the children up for their school pictures, as you can see from LO's terrible 2013 photo shoot. (To be fair, I gave birth that day, but still) ....more

When the Ground Refuses to Swallow You Up

BB here is a lover of life. He is a generally happy guy who is delighted to join in any activity life throws at him. For instance, when we dropped LO off at Sunday school this past Sunday, BB (who is too young by a good 13 months for the three-year-old class, let alone LO's K/1 class) followed the group into the classroom, pulled out a chair to sit, and looked up as if to say, "All right, ...more

Roughing It

For years, J has been lobbying for us to do more camping. One of the reasons why he bought his current vehicle, a 2006 Honda Element, was because it would be ideal for car camping. Pictured: Not J's car ....more

Emily! So Nice to See You Again

Last Tuesday, LO and BB attended the same childcare facility for the first time. They are now both going to Montessori five days per week. I feel reborn ....more

Throwback Thursday: Adventures in Cooking

This is a classic SAHMnambulist post from nearly five years ago, when I was pregnant with LO and J and I had just moved to Lafayette: J and I are currently living in a POS sublet--a place that J has derisively nicknamed "The Flop House"--while we are waiting to close on our new house. This will theoretically happen on Friday, but that's another story. The Flop House is unfurnished, ...more

Throwback Thursday: You Can All Calm Down About Babies and Television

This piece of mine originally ran on Scary Mommy several years ago. I came across it today and wanted to share it again: ...more

Meet Me in St Louis

Earlier this winter, I was approached by St. Louis-based The Chad Slagle Show about doing a phone-interview guest spot for their television show. I happen to know that St ....more