Whatcha Talkin' Bout Willis?

I have a friend in Public Relations that likes to throw my writing out to different publishers and casting directors when projects come across his desk.  He called me last night to say that there is a new reality television pilot being cast that is looking for women in New York and surrounding areas who have successful careers, children, friends and spouses, and are navigating through the "have it all" scenario.  He sent her my information and blog link and she wanted to talk to me....more

Stress, Stress, and more Needless Stress

Nearly three years ago, in Los Angeles, I joined a Mom's group to hack through the thick weeds of isolation that often grow out of first-time Motherhood.I remember sitting there in a circle with eight or nine other shell-shocked women as we stared at our newborns laying on a brightly colored parachute, listened to the instructor sing "Wheels On The Bus" and drifted off, daydreaming of sleep that spanned longer than two hours, a peace with the bittersweet end of our old lives, and a clear understanding of the roles in our new ones....more

Prayers of "Likes"

Scrolling through the "Top Stories" on Facebook the other night, a photo flashed like neon among the rest . It was a graphic picture of a 12-year-old boy in a hospital bed, hooked to machines, face bloody, bruised and swollen.The writing underneath explained that this child was a nephew who had just been in an accident and was suffering from a fractured skull (among other things), and they weren't sure if he was going to live.  They were asking for "likes" and "shares" on the picture to forward to his family showing massive worldwide support....more

Honoring The Adoption Trail

Last evening, a girlfriend asked me to join her for a meeting at a prospective adoption agency.  Anna and her husband, John have been through several years of fertility treatments and are now switching gears.  John was unable to attend this particular event and she asked if I might be able to make the trip. Jumping at the chance to make myself useful by offering moral support, I responded to her text in a millisecond,"It's a date."...more

Death to LOL

www.motherfog.wordpress.comI have hesitated to write this entry for months now.  I fear that my thoughts will offend 99 percent of my friends and readers. But, I can keep quiet no longer. Forgive me dear ones, kind-hearted friends, family, and cyber-besties for questioning a rampant and beloved (by most) acronym. I accept that as the minority on this one, it is I who must be wrong.  In order for me to post this without guilt, please balance the scales by leaving some overused Motherfogisms that drive you up the wall in the comment section. I can take it....more

I'm not paying that when I can make it myself!!

www.motherfog.wordpress.comZachary has been obsessed with locks and keys recently.  So I decided to google "lock and key toys for toddlers".  I came upon this:...more
 @texasebeth much smarter than myself!!more

Home is Where We Met You

www.motherfog.wordpress.comIt was a hot September afternoon. The knit panel of my maternity jeans lay wrinkled over my freshly deflated belly. I rode in the back seat, next to you for this first car trip and the thousands to follow.  Postpartum hormones free-falling from their regularly scheduled nose dive, crashed through flood gates of every emotion that exists....more

Taking the Empty Threats of Parenting Out with The Trash (or the Recycling)

We are in a crack-down zone here in the Motherfog house. With the "half-year" theory (equilibrium-disequilibrium) proving its validity with a vengeance, we are tightening the reins and nailing down boundaries. We are committed to regaining our status as The Parents. AKA, the ones in control. Sadly, the roles have recently reversed and those under three-feet-tall have staged a hostile take-over....more
I love this! Consistency. more

My Delayed Response to Margaret Cho's "retarded" Remarks

www.motherfog.wordpress.comI believe I am a week or two late in the discovery of what threw me out of bed last night and to my computer to write.  What I stumbled upon caused bile to rise in my throat, and old news or not, I felt compelled to give my own editorial....more

How Was Home?

To work or not to work?  A decision for many of us that is not as much based on desire as it is dictated by circumstance...especially at this current time.  But, it has been coming up a lot with friends and acquaintances of mine.  Those that work 40+ hour weeks are yearning to roll around on the floor with edible baby toes in their faces, and those of us that are home full time are dying to brush our hair, put on a pants suit (or in my case, a pair of tap shoes) and flex some of our long forgotten muscles.  It is not a new hypothesis that the part- ti...more