The Top of the Hill

The other day I needed a small plate that sat on the highest shelf of my kitchen cabinet. There was no way I could reach it, even with a maximum stretch. And no one taller (i.e. ALL three of the other members of my household) was around to assist ....more

Missing 15

Dear Chase, Today is your 15th birthday. It is, by all measures, a day to celebrate your fantastic, jubilant and blessed life. And I am missing it ....more

Falling Back

This past week marked the beginning of seasonal depression for some....more

Fear Factors

On Saturday night, Chase and a few friends went to “Terror Behind the Walls” at the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia. Each year this abandoned (and supposedly haunted) prison, opens its doors in the weeks leading up to Halloween with the goal of scaring the pants off its visitors. This year they advertised an “all new attraction” – The Machine Shop – promising “terror like you’ve never felt.” ...more

Life Touch

Does anyone else in your class still purchase these pictures?? Noah and I were assessing this year’s school photographs which were delivered to the students on Friday....more

The Moon and The Sun

Almost 17 years ago, I gave birth to the moon in my sky....more

Where I’ve Been

I wish I had a great story or even a well-crafted excuse for why I haven’t blogged here since August 4....more

The Worry Chamber

Thank you to all who expressed concern for Noah and his safe return from Israel. His homecoming a week ago was a huge relief for our family, and I’m still processing the experience, which has been enlightening in so many ways for me as a parent....more

The Trip of Lifetime

Many years ago, before I had children, I remember sitting in a meeting at work with a colleague who was casually discussing the fact that her young son was not feeling well, but was in good hands with his Nanny whom she completely trusted....more

Dear Noah

Dear Noah: Today I am writing you a letter you will likely never read....more