Dat Knee, Disney - A hodge podge of random

When you have to look through your cell phone pictures to see what the hell you've been up to the last few months, that's when you know your life is passing by too fast. Do y'all even remember what I look like? Here I am! ...more

Duck Tour or....Suck Tour: Playing tourist in your own city

Tomorrow I'm doing something I've never done before, but should have. In my 25 years I've lived in the Boston area, I've never once done a duck tour! Can you believe that? ...more

Traveling To -- Palm Beach Florida!

In late September, Kurt and I are headed down to Palm Beach Florida! Holla!Hey, that rhymes! I've felt the urge to go somewhere for a long weekend to get away from everything and literally just relax on a beautiful beach in the sunshine with a cocktail in hand ....more

Holla for a Blogga

How do you even start a blog post after not blogging in almost 3 months? I don't even know, but I've restarted this post about 5 times: "Hey! I'm back!!"...more

I'm in a New York State Of Mind

Happy Thursday everyone!...more


This past weekend, two of my girlfriends and I decided to go out for some food and drinks in Boston--it had been a while! See my friend Haley in the middle? She's getting married in August AND! .... ....more

Pool Parties, Rallying Hard and Proposals (( Vegas Part 2 ))

Part two! I don't want this to end :-( When Sabrina mentioned the idea of hitting up some Las Vegas pool parties, I'm pretty sure we all said yes before she even finished the question. Please note our room! ...more

The one where we lost our voices (( Vegas Part 1 ))

Well, it's been a week since I've been back from Las Vegas (aka the best weekend EVER) so I figured I should finally show my face around these parts and share all the dirty little secrets! ;-) I am splitting this into two posts...it should really be 20 because of all the fun we had BUT...I won't do that to y'all :-D I also brought my GoPro so I'm putting together a little video of our trip and will post once it's perfect!Sunday night while waiting for my midnight flight back to Boston, my throat started to feel a little funny. I thought, okay, this has to be because of all the Vicki Gunvalson "WOO HOOS" in the clubs and lack of sleep...but no, that little throat tickle turned into the week from hell! ...more

Friday. Kurt punched himself and Vegas in 6

Friday...we meet again. I couldn't be more happy. This just means that counting today I have FOUR more work days until I am living it up in Las Vegas in SIX days with some hot babes!! ...more

Going on a date with yourself

As much as I love to be around other people, I can't deny that some days I absolutely love to be alone. That doesn't make me a bad person, right? Sometimes though, I'll be on an "alone day" and feel guilty ....more