It's All in Your Head: How to Get Over a Breakup

  After the Midwesterner and I broke up (about four months ago), I was a mess.  I’d thought we were on the exact same page – the madly in love page – and then suddenly he just wasn’t feeling the long-distance thing anymore.  I cried a lot, didn’t sleep, had a constant stomachache – the whole deal.  I said pathetic things to my mother like, “I’m never going to meet someone else!” ...more

Is Communication Always a Good Thing?

My best friend Kerry started dating a boy from home over summer break. There was not enough time for it to get serious, but he visited her at school once this semester. Still, she dated other guys and he presumably dated other girls…until now. And I’m baffled at how they’re making big decisions with so much distance between them, but it’s also making me wonder if some of my presumptions about communication and labeling and defining are completely unnecessary. Thoughts? ...more

Repeat Offender: Hooking Up with Exes

Sometimes, all you want is something new. Something different. Something to catch you by surprise. For the past few weeks, all I’ve wanted is someone new and exciting and not from our college and willing to sweep me away to experience things out of the norm. ...more

you really should make yourself clear on what you want.  "playing it by ear" in ...more

Newsflash: Leaving with Another Girl Does Not Mean He's Into Me

A lesson I have recently learned: Sometimes acting hot and cold/sending flirty text messages one minute and then not responding the next/leaving the bar with another girl is NOT an attempt to send the message “I’m trying to make this a challenge for you.” It’s an attempt to send the message “I’m in an actual relationship with someone else now.” ...more

Road Trip: Or, How We Figured Out How to Pick Out a Good Boyfriend and Plan Our Lives

Emma: I wake up to the smell of beer and boy, and it is the exact opposite of every warm and fuzzy Folger’s commercial I have ever seen. I rub my eyes, wondering how I ended up here. Beer, Baseball Player, Bed. Story of my life. ...more

The iTunes Top 10 (Or, Why We Still Need Feminists)

5 of the Top 10 songs on iTunes at the moment are by female artists. They are: 1. You’re Not Sorry, Taylor Swift – She’s been excusing a lot of this guy’s bad behavior, hoping that he’d clean up his act, but now she’s done because she doesn’t want him to hurt her anymore. ...more

A Non-Breakup

Abby and Fireman have been heading for a breakup for awhile now, but it seems they’re going to have to hang on for just a little while longer. And, clearly, no one really knows why. ...more

Avoidance is akin to denial. 

Roger S. Gil, M.A.

Men and Women Can Never Be Just Friends?

After my past couple of random hook-ups and awkward guy situations, I've been really fed up with why guys and girls can't just function normally as friends. Or at least not in my life. Guys just always seem to think "Sex" when I think "Friends." Why? What's going on in their head that makes them think a friendly conversation is automatically flirtatious? ...more

Some people can have the platonic, opposite-sex friend and NOT have romantic feelings toward ...more

Dating... or something., for when you're hooking up, hanging out, and maybe dating. Or something. About: Emma Clery and Mademoiselle Reisz are: ...more

:) Boy oh boy, I can see a lot of fun concepts evolving from this topic. Better go out and ...more